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Diversified Real Estate Investor Group also known as DIG, is a not-for-profit educational organization designed to provide its members with the tools to gain practical knowledge of real estate investing and management through education, discussion, and networking. 
DIG has been around for over 40 years and has provided quality training for investors at every level from beginner to advanced.  DIG will teach you about all the areas of real estate investing including: land-lording, rehabbing (flips), property wholesaling, foreclosures, rentals and more. Do you need to know how to negotiate a short sale? How to buy at sheriff sales? How to evict a tenant? 
Come to the overall premier place to network with other investors and learn how!
If you are investing in real estate or are thinking about getting started, you need to join DIG now!
For more information and how to join DIG, visit us on the web at www.DIGonline.org.

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Create a Credibility Kit to Get Real Estate Funding (Online Workshop)

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***NOTE: To register for this workshop, you MUST go to www.DIGonline.org and register! (Telling us here that you plan to be there won’t get you the link!)***

We all want more access to private money, bank lines of credit, and partners to fund rehabs, rentals, notes, and other assets… But very few of us bother to do the thing that’s proven to work, but which takes some understanding that most real estate entrepreneurs don’t have. If you’ll put together a detailed, convincing credibility kit, and put it into the hands of people with money, you’ll be amazed at the access you get to funding!
And no, you don’t have to be an experienced investor, or have tons of assets, or a degree in real estate to develop a credibility kit that will put you head and shoulders above your so-called ‘competitors’ where it comes to getting the funding you need.

In this detailed, 6-hour online workshop, you’ll find out:

 Why there’s more to consistently, easily getting funding for deals than
just “Filling out the FNMA form”, and your credit score, and all the
things you think about when you think “loan application”: it’s also
about you, and your business plan, and making the lender understand
your vision.
 - How credibility kits set you apart from every other investor asking for
 - Everything you should include to make private lenders, bankers,
partners, and other money people take you seriously, whether you’re
brand new to the real estate business or an old pro
 - How you can make your credibility kit look professional for not much cost
 - When and how to use it

Your instructor is Robert Mohon, past president of Real Estate Investors
of Nashville (REIN), multi-decade veteran of the credit industry, and an
“Ender” who’s borrowed millions of dollars to buy dozens of houses using
exactly the technique he’s sharing in this workshop.

But wait, there’s more…EVERYONE WHO REGISTERS gets:

1. A template kit with a list of documents and information to include
(which you can modify for your particular situation
2. An easy-to-use excel spreadsheet that lets you keep all of your
important numbers in the same place, and update them for the
next time you need to borrow money
3. Recordings of the class for your library
Here’s the best news of all: it’s CHEAP, and GUARANTEED.

Pricing: Members $97, non-members $147 through 10/6

Members $127, non-members $177 after 10/6

But you'd be silly to pay that when you can join now and become a member for just $19.99 a month and enjoy all the benefits that DIG has to offer!! Attend subgroup meetings for FREE and even get recordings of virtual intensives unable to attend live!

Register below or join NOW! What are you waiting for?

Get all the details and register for your link at DIGonline.org

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