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NOW OFFERING: Intuitive Spiritual Readings - Free for all! Basic Divination - Demonstration (How to communicate with your Spiritual Self with Divining tools! Discussions on how to Channel ( We all need to learn to channel our Spiritual Selves or Spirit Guides to improve the quality of our lives and the world! COMING SOON! Healing Center - Energy Work for Health and Healing - Guided Meditation/Hypnotherapy - Spiritual Alignments FOR MORE INFO OR TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT CONTACT BOBBI! LET US HELP EACH OTHER BECOME THE POWERFUL CONSCIOUS CREATORS OF OUR REALITY! ARE YOU EXPERIENCING LIFE IN A WAY THAT REFLECTS, LOVE, SUCCESS, JOY, UNITY, RESPECT, HEALTH, ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY, BALANCE, HARMONY, TRUTH, ALIGNMENT, CREATION AND SPIRITUAL CONNECTIVITY? IF NOT... THIS MEETUP IS HOW YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN! WE CAN HELP! TO UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN! EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS ALREADY INSIDE YOU, WE JUST NEED TO DO THE WORK REQUIRED! Conscious Creation Immersion, Reinforcement Techniques: We Open with Prayer, inviting the Spiritual Dimension into our being, invoke the Divine Presence and Summon the Highest Vibrational Energy. Next, we write our Affirmations or Issue seeking resolution or Goal. Next, we Align ourselves with our Spiritual Source and Focus on the resolving of issue or manifesting the Desire at hand. Next we Q & A and then perform a Guided Meditation to strengthen our Spiritual Connection to our Divine Source. Next, we do the Energy work to Cleanse, Empower, restore balance and receive healing. We close with prayer and Q &A.

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1815 Massachusetts Ave · Cambridge, MA

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This is how we do it: Use of all Spiritual modalities i.e - Discussion, Study, Prayer, Affirmation, Channeling, Visualization, Intuitive development, Energy work etc. Directed toward the purpose of Self-Education of the respectful use of the laws of the Universe, of strengthening and developing one's Spiritual connection to Source, Empowerment of the self, the creation and attraction of positive life affirming experiences that are wholly beneficial to our well being and to evolve the mind, spirit and body to it's highest divine potential, thus making each of us powerful at manifesting our own/mutual experiences of divine harmony, peace, prosperity, health, and inspired thinking with all our fellow beings.

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