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“You are the keepers of sacred magic, the template of the divine feminine protector of the Holy Grail, the Goddess, the Holy of Holies.

She is known by many names: Diana, Mary Magdalene, Isis, Hathor, Quan Yin, Hecate, Venus, Aphrodite, Diana, Freya, and Gaia. Keepers of the sacred flame, you are being called to come together in community to be held, scene, and to heal your wounds - our wounds of separation, of struggle, and profound forgetting.

Together we will awaken, shift, heal, and evolve, stepping forward with our own unique light, truth, and expression of the Divine in physical form. As we heal as one and awaken, we heal the many, lifting the planetary vibration and the collective consciousness.

Together we will heal, grow, and RISE united.” © Adora Winquist 2020

This is a group for women who are interested in finding and connecting to the power of the Divine Feminine and with each other in a healing and supportive environment. Join host Adora Winquist for a monthly ceremony to awaken and empower the levels of conscious connection with your inner wise woman using alchemical interventions such as crystals and vibrational healing. Every month a specific Goddess will guide our circle for us to remember how Her magic can intertwine with our own, elevating our greatest selves to Rise.

Adora combines over 20 years experience walking the spiral of the Divine Feminine to inspire the community with rare aromatics, crystals, meditation and vibrational medicine to Transform and Evolve our feminine power.
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