What we're about

We are focused on exploring and celebrating the many ways we can tap into the Divine Feminine Wisdom, to reawaken the energy of feeling and being complete as a woman.

Fully Whole. Beloved of self, ready to take care of her own needs to joyfully and lovingly engage with what life brings. Generously giving in service not servitude to herself, her loved ones and her community.

So many of us are waking up to a new kind of spiritual journey, one that makes us feel like we are on purpose and divinely connected. No longer confused or fogged up, overwhelmed with giving and doing and fixing everyone around us.

This shift is huge and takes practice, devotion and attention and direction.

We know how to help others in a way that often drains us and this is no longer how we want to live. We are worn out doing things the way we have been told we are 'supposed to'.

We know we don't want to live in that world of struggle and exhaustion anymore. Which means we need support, tools and reminders to help us create and maintain a healthy delicious lifestyle with what we already have.

We want to see our world with new eyes and transform how we are doing things so we can help ourselves in community to evolve while enjoying ourselves more.

We have online (zoom) and in person workshops, and events that include discussions, deep talks, meditation, creative exploration, discovery and more.

Welcome. If there is an area you need support around as you grow more into your true self, please let me know. Suggestions and requests welcome.

We all do better when we help each other become more of who we are. Which helps us build community and a sense of peace within us, the more we open up to guidance and collective wisdom, and by taking time to cherish ourselves and build practices to support and strengthen our spiritual core.

We are practical and mystical Women.

Let's connect, feel into the truth of our souls and the joy of being alive.


Jen Duchene

Illuminator, Akashic Practitioner, Teacher, Author and creator of the proprietary system of healing, the Illuminating Journey Cards©

From my expansive heart, I utilize my bottomless toolbox of Mastery -all things Soul, Expertly wielding the tools of healing from being a Certified Consultant and Teacher of the Akashic Records, Astro-numerologist, Intuitive plus my proprietary healing modality -Illuminating Journey Cards©.


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