What we're about

We celebrate the oneness with nature and the Source energy that flows through all life and matter.

The core practice of this community is the Divine Spark Method. We freely teach this method with the wish that you will use it in your daily life, and share it with others.

As a thriving community founded in 2011, we invite you to gather with us to experience the powerful healing generated in nature with a large group. With several activities to explore, Divine Spark also offers public healing clinics, weekend wellness workshops, and certification courses for practice or teaching the Divine Spark Method. Feel free to join us at an upcoming event or visit our website to learn more.

We are a non-religious organization and we embrace all ways of worship and perspectives of the human experience. Although many who are drawn to this work are spiritually-minded, we affirm that the Source energy can be experienced and interpreted in many ways.

Our Vision: to Create a world where action originates from conscious co-creativity with the limitless Source flowing through us.

Our Mission: to Provide experiences for the exploration and understanding of how we can reside within Source in our daily actions to create meaningful life experiences.

Click the link for more information about Divine Spark (https://chillsacramento.org/divine-spark-story/)

Upcoming events (5+)

Spark in Roseville: Let Love Win

Maidu Community Center

• What we'll do About this months topic: "Let Love Win" Letting love win means we might need to change how we look at relationships. What we will do in this workshop is try out an ego-free and love-freeing approach in a fun, simple exercise. Then, you can take this inspired perspective and communication tool with you to use in your daily life. • Guided meditation • Topic discussion • Simple interactive exercise • Self-healing practice This workshop is open to all levels of experience in meditation and energetic healing. What you can expect: Open, accepting space. Laughter, kindness and respecting everyone's perspective. You will learn techniques in mindfulness, meditation, and energy healing. Very cool stuff. Certified practitioners lead the workshop Practitioners who have trained anywhere from four to 30 years facilitate these Sunday workshops. Often, the founder of the Divine Spark Method, Laura Hansen, co-teaches with the practitioners. About Divine Spark at Chill Sacramento Divine Spark is a program of Chill Sacramento, an educational 501(c)3 community organization dedicated to personal and community wellness. Divine Spark offers the community activities that help a person find their personal peace and strength to lead a healthy, meaningful life. ________________________ "If you like to keep things light and fun while you learn, explore and grow, then this is for you." Laura Hansen, Founder Details: 10:30am - 12:30pm Maidu Community Center - Senior Room 1550 Maidu Dr. Roseville, CA $10 per person More information: https://chillsacramento.org/calendar/

Sanctuary for Inner Peace

YLI Hall

OUR INVITATION We invite you, your family and friends to experience the Divine Spark Spiral. Each week is a unique learning and healing experience as we allow source to create the clinic structure for the evening. EXPERIENCE A REMARKABLE SANCTUARY Upon your arrival, you will join an orientation about the Sanctuary for Inner Peace and an introduction to the Divine Spark Method. During the orientation, everyone has an opportunity to introduce themselves, so you can share a part of your self-healing story or the questions you’d like insight around. You will then go into the meditation sanctuary area be guided in a meditation to help you clear any stress or anxiety from your day. This is followed by Divine Spark method demonstration as a process for self-healing, wholeness and inner peace. Then you will be invited to sit with a Divine Spark Practitioner to experience and receive an energetic alignment session first-hand. The energy alignment occurs when the universal presence within you is acknowledged. Sanctuary for Inner Peace participants report having a palpable experience of feeling their soul. They experience the connection they have to the universe, which provides a shift in perception about themselves and their lives. COST: $10.00 suggested amount. You can give more or less. What you give in exchange for your experience is vital support for the Sanctuary. Thank you. Spiral Hugs, Spark Practitioner Circle

Meditation for Beginners and Re-Booters

YLI Hall

Lead by Laura Hansen and the teaching team Whether you are new to meditation or have been practicing for years, this kind of meditation allows you to explore at your own pace while learning and sharing your insights and experiences with the group. Have fun being in community with others and learn meditation that is simple, quiets your mind and takes you deeper into yourself. If you are looking for connection within yourself and with others who like to laugh, this is the place. Come as often as you like. Location: YLI Clubhouse[masked]th Street Sacramento, CA 95816 Free parking on the street Details: 1st Monday of the month 5:45 pm Doors open 6:00 pm Meditation Begins We invite you to arrive by 5:45 to settle in before the meditation Meditation is usually finished by 7:00 pm, however, if we are in the grove and enjoying the ride we'll go a little longer and no longer then 7:30 pm Cost: $10 More information about us go to: chillsacramento.org

Life Mechanics: Happiness is Breaking All the Rules

Life Mechanics: Happiness is Breaking All the Rules If you’re going to give freedom and happiness a chance, you must understand the difference between your love for family, tradition, peers, and teachers from the love you have for yourself. In this class, we will laugh, play a game and at some point you may find one rule that’s causing you misery -- and break it. About the Class: Beyond silent meditation. Learn how to explore your inner landscape with confidence and loving intention. Part discussion, part interactive exercise, part meditation, and mindfulness exercises. All levels of experience welcome. Explore new perspectives to apply to your life. • Meditation • Mindfulness techniques • Self-healing practices COST: $10 TIME: 6:00 - 7:30 Instructor: Laura Hansen. Often she co-teaches with Chill Inner Work Teachers. A quick word about Laura: Board President, Chill Sacramento Developed Life Mechanics and the Divine Spark Method Author of the Best-Selling book, Hand Me a Wrench, My Life is Out of Whack President of GoldVision, LLC, servant leadership training and strategic advisory for organizations For more information about Divine Spark / Chill Sacramento go to: https://chillsacramento.org/calendar/

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Meditation for Inner Peace with Andy Grice

YLI Hall

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