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Now that Jesus and Mary Magdalene have returned to Earth, many people are beginning to hear the truths of God. People who have been inspired by the message can join together to share what they have learned, assist each other on the Divine Love path, share vegan meals, and engage in campaigns to spread the Divine Truth to the world. Although we may enjoy our fellowship together, we know that the greatest goal is the individual journey to receive ever more Divine Love from our Heavenly Parent.

I realize that there are very few people who are aware of the Divine Truth in Chicago. For that reason, I will conduct campaigns to help spread the message. Currently, I am planning events where I speak as well as food offerings to the malnourished.

Hopefully, in time, we can grow a community of truthseekers who want to improve themselves, develop a relationship with our Creator, and spread the loving message to others.

Eventually, as things progress, some rules will be made to inhibit those who do not seriously want to learn the truth or want to disrupt this meetup group. I am only looking for people who truly want to learn about the truth of God - what Jesus and Mary call the Divine Truth.

Links to Jesus and Mary:

website - DivineTruth.com

Youtube channel - Youtube.com/WizardShak

Mary's blog - mary.divinetruth.com

Links to Theo Kirkley's work:

blog - thejournaloftheo.blogspot.com

youtube channel: youtube.com/channel/UCzYt7UWYGMpd2czNzBSNDrA

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Learn God's Truth

Uptown Branch, Chicago Public Library

Learn God's Truth

Uptown Branch, Chicago Public Library

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