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Intimate relationships are one of the greatest and most profound sources of personal and spiritual growth, however many of us have forgotten the real meaning of relationships. In ancient days men and women came together to honor the Divine within themselves and within each other. Relationships weren’t based in dependency, obligation, sacrifice or selfishness, but were rather a means for personal and spiritual development. They were a means of connecting to the Sacred feminine and masculine within ourselves and then growing & honoring this Energy with a partner or partners.

There are many secrets that have been hidden from our society, but were highly developed and used in the ancient civilizations in India, Japan and the Middle East. Through transmitting ancient knowledge into practical advice and practices, this meet-up will guide every man and woman in how to develop your Sacred feminine and masculine energy in order to maintain harmony within yourself and maintain healthy, passionate and lasting relationships with a partner.

Whether single or in a relationship, we will guide every person in how to connect to the ideal within yourself in order to find your ideal partner; how to keep passion & love, and prevent conflicts, infidelity and divorces; how to connect to the deepest principles for building a lasting relationship; how to elevate & strengthen pleasure in relationships using techniques of massage, special dances, special breathing techniques & bandhas. We will guide every woman & man in how to have complete control over your sexuality as an independent being and in your relationship.

In order to fully integrate mind, body and spirit, all meet-up groups will be a combination of knowledge transmission, breathing exercise, dynamic meditation, dance and energetic practices. These practical techniques have helped thousands of people choose compatible partners, create harmonious & productive families, bring back the passion & love, avoid conflict & divorce.

The teachings and practices come from the ancient traditions of Raja Yoga, Tantra and Aharata. Raja Yoga, known as the ‘Yoga of Kings’, is the path of self knowledge & development. In our study of Tantra we will specifically focus on awakening the Divine Feminine, Shakti, and how this can be opened and developed as a way to connect every woman with her inner goddess. Aharata is a 5000 year old Egyptian tradition of psychological, emotional & energetic empowerment & protection. Based in martial arts and known as the ‘The Way of the Warrior,’ it is one of the most effective ways of developing the Divine Masculine for both men and women.

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