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If you are going through a divorce, thinking about a divorce, are newly separated, or already divorced, then this group is for you.
Divorce can be challenging, but it is also a real opportunity for personal growth and change. Lucy and Isabelle co-founded Divorce Club back in 2016 for one simple reason – we know that no one should go through divorce alone! It's now the largest Divorce Club in the UK.

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You may be feeling lonely, unsupported or simply looking for friendly help & advice in order to move on. Afterall, what other life event can uproot you from your home, shake your financial security, reduce your time with your children and make friends and family disappear overnight? Sometimes you don’t know where to turn, or just feel angry or sad.

That’s where we at Divorce Club can help.

We know it can be really tough going through a divorce. It’s hard to find people who know how you feel unless they’ve been through it. Divorce Club is hosted by people who have been through a divorce and who know exactly what you’re going through (whatsmore our co-founder Isabelle is a clinical psychologist). So we know that the best remedy for the pain of divorce is to meet others in the same boat and make a fresh start. We also know that trying to navigate the legal and financial side is an additional pressure, just when you’re at your lowest ebb.

Divorce Club connects people to every single resource they may need to get through a divorce from the moment of separation to moving on and meeting someone new. We aim to reduce the sense of isolation and overwhelm in the first stage of separation but also look to help people identify how to look forward and rebuild their lives. We fundamentally believe out of the ashes of the end of a relationship, new beginnings and a huge opportunity for growth arise.

For newly separated people we offer advice and help on the process and emotional overwhelm. As people go through the process they have continuous access to legal and financial advice while also being able to tap into a community of people who can share the roller coaster of milestones, difficulties and triumphs. And for those in the later stages we offer coaching for goal setting, and online sessions for moving on, dating and growth.

Divorce Club provides expert information that takes the mystery and fear out of divorce. We have guest speakers from top law firms, mediators, psychologists, parenting experts, divorce coaches, financial advisors, dating experts and many more - advice that usually costs a lot of money!
For less than the price of a weekly takeout coffee, you can join us and meet other people who know exactly what you’re going through.

Membership includes access to:

  • Weekly social zoom calls
  • Legal Q&As with respected family lawyers
  • Financial Q&As
  • Parenting sessions
  • Goal setting
  • Book clubs
  • Divorce orientated workshops
  • Access to a 24/7 community messaging channel
  • In real life meetups and socials

For just £7.99 a month, you can get inclusive access to all of our events, access to chat in our private community, and a service which aims to match you with friends. We even give you the first month for free.
Whatsmore, we host a free Meetup group session once a month so you can come and see what Divorce Club is all about.

So we hope that you invest in giving yourself a better divorce, and a better recovery. We passionately believe that you can have an amazing life after divorce! There is such an opportunity for growth and many of our members have said how much happier they are two, three, four years down the line – so hang on in there. Start again, with us.

We look forward to meeting you!
Lucy Davis & Dr Isabelle Hung



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