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DIVORCE DIALOGUE - Oldest divorce support group in L.A. (818) 788-9567
Divorce is a journey where you begin as two, end as one, and hope to feel whole. Our group, Divorce Dialogue, is the longest running divorce support group in L.A. We have supported over 1600 women and men through divorce on to a healthier and happier tomorrow. The uncertainty of separation and divorce is incredibly stressful - how much will it cost...what happens to your house...what about your kids...will you have to move...and how much will you pay or receive? These are the questions we have explored for the past 36 years...since 1981. Most members join for primarily one reason - all their friends are single and haven't yet married or are still married. In either case, they can't relate to you and you want to meet others walking in your shoes.

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The stress of separation and divorce can really be awful and most join to find comfort in meeting others going down the same path. Let's face it, your friends are either single and never married or still married; neither can relate to what you're going through.

Divorce Dialogue, established in 1981, is the longest running divorce support group in Los Angeles, CA. Our weekly group has helped over 1,500 men and women transition through contemplating divorce, separation and divorce.

I hope you consider joining us. We've been meeting weekly for more than 36 years - since 1981.

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