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Join us for the next in person Divorce Diaries Group for Men only
The holidays can be tough! You are invited to join a wonderful group of purpose-driven men at all different stages of the break-up, getting unmarried process and transition into a new next chapter. You will have a chance to connect and be supported by other men moving towards a positive direction. There has been a great demand for a men's only group in the San Fernando Valley. The benefit of bringing gentlemen together in-person, is a proven powerful and much needed opportunity for clarity, support, honesty, and even some laughter. While in this group, you are free to be exactly where you are at. You will walk away from each group with more direction towards your individual goals. You will also have a chance to build strong camaraderies with other members. Applicable information on relevant topics include but not limited to: -Improved communication strategies -Law of attraction principles -Getting your own needs met -Affective coparenting -Legal tips that could save you a fortune -Breaking patterns that don't serve you -Setting yourself up for dating success -Understanding a women's perspective on attraction, life and love: What lights her up-(inside information) -And more RSVP required. $25 Cash or Venmo accepted. @Daniella-Bloom-1 Coffee and refreshments served. For this informal group, please bring something to write with and be on time. If you are interested in working one-to-one with Daniella, call her directly. (818)[masked]. Welcome to Divorce Diaries for Men! Love and Light, Daniella Bloom, MA. LMFT Transformational Keynote Speaker on Honest Human Connection The Divorcée's Success Coach for Men and Women

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What we're about

Are you separated, newly-divorced, or divorced for some time?

Do you wish you had known then, what you know now?

Would you like to connect to other real men you can relate to? Join Divorce Diaries for Men: A Transformational Group To Get Support, Insight, and may be even some laugher as you get back in touch with your Purpose and Direction!

The group is facilitated biweekly with men from all ages and stages of the getting unmarried process, and in the transition stage of starting over.

Hi, I'm Daniella Bloom. One of my joys is in helping men and women step into their next chapters re-empowered and re-inspired to get back on track to the life and love they are born to live.

There is nothing like the power of a group synergy to gain the support, inspiration and accountability you need to starting living your life to full potential again.

Here is what one of our Divorcée Diaries members has to say about our amazing groups:

What was your overall experience in participating in your recent divorcee diaries meet up?

I found the ladies who were there last night to be ladies who desire empowerment. Some are a little ‘stuck’ but, before the night was over, it seemed that each one was able to leave with a sense of freedom and release, even if for a moment.

My heart reached for each one as they shared their story.

What did you like about the way Daniella facilitates Divorcée Diaires? She treated each person with value and that when it was their time to speak, she gave them space to speak and, at least for me, and what I observed, she was “in their” moment with them. Incredibly positive!

Did you have any takeaways? Was this group specifically helpful for you personally?

Yes, I have a learning that I may feel “angst” about what’s happening to me, it is one of transformation and I had help and that help guided me to help others and by whatever path or energy source – last night was the time I needed to be there. I have not allowed myself to “feel” or be emotional for so many decades and although still a bit foreign to me, I saw real heart last night. I loved it!

What was your favorite thing about the meetup? Showing the group my size 24 pants.. LOL - I did not intend to – but, then well, why the hell not. I forgot I had them with me. But, seriously, I truly enjoyed the compassionate energy in the room! I was amongst sisters.

Would you recommend this group to others going through all different stages of the transition of getting un-married? YUUP

Are you planning on attending another group in the future?


Are you interested in more information on the upcoming Forgotten Woman Within Retreat: a one-day luxury renewal experience in Los Angeles California on Sunday October 7? YUUUP and I am happy to help in any way that will benefit this group! I think its an excellent idea.

Any further comments or suggestions you would like Daniella to be aware of?

Daniella is serious about helping. She is a caring, sharing, helping, giving person and she pours herself into that ideal! She was present with us the entire time last night and I appreciated that. I had no idea what the “group” was about. I actually envisioned a bunch of ladies all in different groups around chatting with each other. I liked the organized format! It was intimate and empowering.

Welcome to your next chapter. You are not alone.

I hope to meet you personally at our next meeting.


Daniella Bloom, MFT

Psychotherapist Turned Divorcée Success Coach

Dating Optimization Expert

Speaker - Author - Mom of three beautiful children

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