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Surviving the Holidays

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About 12, or so, people attend each week, regardless of how many rsvp.

The holiday season is upon us and you are likely experiencing a jumble of emotions that you've yet to sort out. Facing a holiday after a separation or divorce can be more difficult than your friends and family may realize. The DivorceCare Surviving the Holidays video, discussion group and devotional material will help you not only to survive the holidays, but to find strength, healing and tools to move forward in your daily walk through these painful emotions.

On the videos, you will meet experts and other people who have experienced separation, divorce, or another life tragedy. These people share honestly about...

Being prepared for surprising emotions that may hit over the holidays

What to do about family traditions and other coming changes

How to survive potentially awkward moments at holiday events

How to help your children have a good holiday experience

Where to find comfort, strength and hope in a seemingly hopeless time

In our discussion group, you'll have the chance to talk with others and ask questions about any concerns you have. You can take home a book of daily devotions that will help to further prepare you to face the days to come with a measure of peace and assurance. This group is easy in which to feel comfortable. Just give us three weeks; by then, most people are looking forward to Wednesday evenings.

The video starts at 6:30 pm and class ends at 8:00 pm.

Come to as many sessions as you can. Come early, if possible. Do not let missing some classes or being late keep you from coming to the group.

At 4:30 pm, there is a reasonably priced snack bar/buffet available, downstairs.

To arrange for free childcare, CALL Kelly Young at 602-707-5766.

Other questions/concerns, contact Jenny Lou at or 6o2^561^7373.


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