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Since 1986 we have run 8-week sessions four times annually for those experiencing loss from divorce, separation, or death of spouse. This non-religious workshop meets every Wed. 7:00-8:30 PM at 285 Miller Ave., Mill Valley. We start with 45 minute of topic presentation and then 45 minutes of small group for discussion and support. We are non-judgmental, so this is a safe place to talk about what is happening and our emotional responses. We listen to one another and share our own experiences, which leads to healing and recovery. Lifetime membership is $50, and scholarships are readily given. Includes handouts, "Rebuilding" book by Bruce Fisher, and refreshments.

Here are testimonials sent in January, 2014, from some who have attended over the years:

“Kent said, ‘You will recover!’ You said it to all of us, maybe even in passing, but I hold on to that even now. The atmosphere that you and Katie create allows an unsure and confused being to feel comfortable knowing they’re in a place of trust. The format that you use to take us on a week by week discovery allows us to steer away from blame and closer to acceptance. The small groups were helpful in expressing thoughts, and listening to each other’s stories somehow made me not feel isolated and alone. In conclusion, I would recommend this workshop to all divorced couples, and I intend to follow up, since a lifetime membership is included (love that).” - April

“When I was in my lowest place, unsure that I would ever be able to deal with the fact that I was now single with two kids, I could come to the Divorce Recovery group and be in good company. Not only could I share and cry with those who were going through similar things, but I also benefitted from the structure of the readings and weekly topics. This structure showed a trajectory of growth and acceptance and eventual healing." - Ann

“Divorce Recovery Workshop was a life ring for me, thrown mercifully within days after my sudden and unexpected break-up. There I found so many people, both women and men, who shared the same reactions as I had. Divorce is a painful tragedy, but since it is so very common in our society, most people who haven't been through it see it quite casually. I went through the eight-week sessions no less than three times, at low cost. When your life gets turned upside down, it is extremely helpful and comforting to feel that you are not alone. The format of small discussion groups with no therapist experts, just led by those whose experience is a little more in the past, is very freeing. Thank you for existing!!” - Claire

“My experience with the divorce recovery group was excellent. First off, as a struggling single mom I could not afford any expensive divorce support group, so Miller Ave Church was perfect, as it was only a donation, and if you couldn't afford that, no problem, no one is ever turned away. As for the group...it was a life saver. Warm facilitators who had been through divorce themselves, comfy surroundings, and most important, sound support and advice...and non-religious so no worries if you are not Christian...religion is never discussed. I can't stress more, what a lovely and supportive group this was for me. Thank you!” - Nanette

“I just want to say that the workshop for people going through marital separations is a warm and non-threatening atmosphere to share concerns and get feedback from people in varied stages of impending divorce and recovery.” - Bonnie

“When I was struggling, this group saved me. Literally. It was a safe zone to know I wasn't alone in what I was feeling. And sometimes feelings were brought up I didn't even know about. I didn't know anyone going through a divorce at the time, and it was comforting to have a group of people there for me week after week. And me for them. Without judgment and all confidential. And they're still there whenever I need. Got more out of it than my individual therapy. A rare find indeed.” – Debra

"After coming to the conclusion that I had exhausted all my available resources to keep my marriage together, I took the unusual step of attending Kent's Divorce Recovery Workshop before starting divorce proceedings. It helped me to better understand the implications of the course of action I was embarking upon, and led to a better outcome for all involved." - Jeff

“The leaders are wonderfully welcoming, wise, and compassionate! They listen from their hearts and skillfully guide each session, guiding each participant toward healing and wholeness. I had been divorced several years when a friend recommended them, and I'd never heard of a divorce recovery workshop before. Their guidance helped me come to important insights and gave me the tools I needed to heal and move forward with balance and positivity. Thank you, Kent and Katie!!” –Marti

The divorce recovery workshop saved my life after my divorce. The love and kindness I received from Kent and Katie as well as the other participants made all the difference. I am now enjoying life, dating when and how I feel like it and continuing on my healing journey with self knowledge and love like I never had before I got married. -Elliott F.

I’m so glad that the concept of community is returning. People suffer so significantly, and there's nothing like the human camaraderie as support, a group in person... not online where the support is 1/100th of what could be experienced. I don't even know of an online course, and those people who want to self-navigate everything now, do so to their own detriment. –Laurie

“I was skeptical at first because the workshop was held at a church. It’s not about religion; it was simply a safe place where I was given the tools to survive one of the most painful times in my life.” —Bob H.

“I was so distraught when I got to the first meeting, I wouldn’t even make eye contact with anyone. But there was never any pressure; only warm welcomes, acceptance, understanding, and support. I quickly realized that these people were just like me.” Raymond F.

“What a relief to finally get that my “ex” didn’t have to be my ‘one and only.’ This workshop helped me realize that I have the power and freedom to heal from this loss and move forward into better, healthier relationships” — Mary K.

Upcoming events (5+)

Join us for Session #3 (of 8): Fear and Anxiety

Miller Avenue Church

Remember, the $50 fee is for lifetime! In this session we look at our fears and anxieties that have surfaced due to the breakup or impending breakup of a marriage or long term relationship. We consider a long list of fears people commonly have, such as losing children, home, or friends, being inept at the dating game, or never being able to "move on." We also consider whether our fears are "appropriate" for our circumstances or whether we are succumbing to stress. Small groups will give us a chance to discuss our fears and understand them.

Join us for Session #4 (of 8): A Look at Anger: Friend and Foe

First, $50 is a LIFETIME fee, not per session. Here are the topics we will discuss: 1. Anger is (more than) an emotion, not a calculated decision. 2. Anger is a physiological process somewhat beyond our control 3. Anger is often the stage of grief that lasts the longest. 4. Anger is a friend, not an enemy 5. Anger is an enemy, not a friend 6. Anger may bubble up early or later (two stages) 7. Signs that you are angry (other than the obvious outbursts) 8. Dealing with our anger in acceptable, healthy ways 9. Learning to forgive and taking responsibility for anger. 10. Children will also be angry

Join us for Session #5 (of 8): Sadness, Loneliness, and Poor Self-Esteem

Remember, $50 is a LIFETIME fee, not per session. The topics for Session #5 may seem like they underpin the whole experience of divorce. That inner melancholy or that dark cloud hanging over us just doesn't seem to go away. We become aware of multiple losses occurring at once: the marriage relationship, friendships, status, home, job, community, self-esteem, and others are possible at this time. We wonder if we will ever be happy again. We will look at the characteristics of loneliness and low self-esteem and discuss ways to deal with these to limit their potency. As usual, the first 45 minutes is the topic presentation and the second 45 minutes is when we meet in small groups of 3-5 and talk individually about "what is happening and how we feel about it." This is a time to open up and talk about feelings and events without "cross-talk"--meaning that we don't interrupt, advise, or question the one talking.

Join us for Session #6 (of 8): Letting Go

Miller Avenue Church

Remember, $50 is a LIFETIME fee, not per session. This is the counterpart to "Denial," because it reinforces the idea of "it's really over." We will look at a list of what we let go, tools for letting go, and the Letting Go Checklist. We will also consider the Continuing Relationships Model. Are you and your Ex "Fiery Foes," "Angry Associates," "Cooperative Colleagues," or "Perfect Pals"? As usual, the first 45 minutes is the topic presentation and the second 45 minutes is when we meet in small groups of 3-5 and talk individually about "what is happening and how we feel about it." This is a time to open up and talk about feelings and events without "cross-talk"--meaning that we don't interrupt, advise, or question the one talking.

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Join us for Session #2 (of 8): Guilt and Rejection

Miller Avenue Church

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