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The goal of this meetup is not the usual divorce/separation support, where the main purpose is to share your experiences and work through the grief of the end of the relationship. This may of course naturally occur, but this is more of a hands-on group.
Many of us who are divorced or separated have to deal with new realities, such as making do with the money available now, being solely responsible for all decisions, keeping the boat afloat...
There may be some skills that left with the other half of your relationship. Some of these skills you never tried to acquire when you were still together. So you may not be good at painting or plumbing, but really an expert on PC issues. Someone else may be a plumber that is not so keen on all computerish things.
See it as a barter group, that also allows for emotional support. Trade a cup of coffee for someone's ear. It is all about active support, be it by fixing a toilet or just listening one on one.

I think it would be beneficial if you would add a recent picture of yourself so that others in the group can recognize you.

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Divorce School 2022

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Divorce School 2022
Strategy & Strength

Helping each other to move forward beyond separation & divorce …

We're striving to make the most out of the hour with you, and we're bringing Ali Fairchild to the event. Our friend, Ali, went through her divorce four years ago, and she is going to facilitate Divorce School to allow everyone an opportunity to have their questions answered from the three of us.

Lucy Dadlani
Certified Life Coach specializing in:
Moving forward beyond divorce
Finding peace and happiness in the midst of this storm
Navigating the singles world

Allison Madden
Family Law Attorney specializing in:
Parenting during the divorce process
Preparing paperwork for divorce
Talking to your attorney- Do(s) and Don’t(s)

Dave Behar
Financial Advisor specializing in:
Financial markets and how they affect your personal finances
Pensions and Retirement plans
How a simple budget can give you a sigh of relief

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