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Fun? During divorce? It isn't just possible — it's necessary!

We are striving to be a vital, active, and top-notch community of single parents and divorcees of Indian origin (anybody belonging to Indian Sub-continent) in the quad-state area of CT, NY, NJ, and PA . This group was started by few who are in similar situation, somehow crossed their paths, and subsequently became good friends and who are also very passionate about providing a low pressure way to connect with other single parents and divorcees on movies, recitals, hikes, festivals, kids activities, happy hours, dinners out, lunches, pot-lucks, picnics, social activities, fun events and more. Although, we are a small group but we want to have an organic growth only with like minded people.

Divorce is hard and solo parenting is not easy either. The mission of this group is to get divorcees, single parents and children out interacting with each other for fun, humor, laughs, camaraderie, support and friendship, and to enhance lives in the process. Few members that we have, often describe that the relationships forged in this group are often deep and rich. This is true of the friendships our kids would make with other kids in the group as well as the relationships their parents form. Most members describe the group as “family.”

We try to run this group in a very professional, non-judgmental (“Don’t judge others because they sin differently than you do.”), and impartial manner (avoiding conflict of interest, if any) – “Nirbhay Nirvaer”. It is extremely important to maintain high degree of integrity and respect for each other. We expect that members will follow through on their commitments to attend an event when they RSVP “Yes.” Chronic no-shows or late cancellations may result in removal from the group. We also have a WhatsApp chat for people to connect in real-time. Please contact us if you want to be a member of WhatsApp chat(1-609-354-8080).

We all know the trials and tribulations of single parents and divorcees. We provide a unique and amazing opportunity for support and friendship. It is only possible by the efforts of the all-volunteer organizers and event hosts. Please show your appreciation to our volunteers who put out the time, effort (and sometimes their own money) to organize and host wonderful events, and come up with amazing ideas to post these events. Sometimes a simple thank-you can make the effort worthwhile.

We’d love for you to host an event, too! If you would like to host an event, please contact us to indicate that you are interested in becoming an event organizer of the group. Once you are made an event-organizer, you can then create your own events without asking anyone to create one for you.

Thank you so much for joining now your group :). We’re so much looking forward to meeting you.


This is not a “singles” dating group. While we do not discourage dating in the group, our focus is on activities and events that foster friendships and support for the parents and kids in our group. While don’t police or baby-sit our WhatsApp chat, please refrain from obscenity, cussing, and porn on WhatsApp chat and be respectful to other members. Also, we do not allow former partners of existing members to join the group. This is open only to people of Indian sub-continent origin. Your participation in this group and at event(s) is at the discretion of the organizer(s).

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