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I live in south jersey (Southampton) and have been divorced for 13 years...
Was married for almost 20 years!
Its still an adjustment and I find it difficult to find friends who are in the same position.
I moved to a small community and have made some friends but have met almost no one who is the same position as myself. I have a son and a grandson who live out of state, am semi retired and would love to make some new friends whose life is still not what it used to be...Id welcome women of ALL ages who are going thru and who have survived this difficult transition...Lets get together, hang out and make some new buds!

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"Brunch" @ Red Lion Diner

Red Lion Diner

We are gonna try to do this once @ month but it won't necessarily be on a particular Saturday...Hope to see you there. Meet us in the lobby!!

Brunch @ Red Lion Diner

Needs a location

Will meet in the Lobby....Hope to see you there!