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This is a group of folks in a similar point in life (divorced or widowed) and having some fun with it. Yup... doing this again! :) There will be various events where you can make a new friend or a business partner ..or a date. These will not be dating events but social events with some nice opportunities to meet new people that are going through something similar and possibly meet a potential date. There might be some help with mixing and mingling with some ice breaker games. But thats all the help you'll get. :) This is not a "dating" group. These will just be social events- relaxed fun and engaging. I hope you try one out!!

Video of a recent party (https://animoto.com/play/q3GIxrEfUzr33FIErUnNTQ)

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----Some comments of previous events

Not Your Average Joe (https://www.meetup.com/DivorcedandDating/members/27208592/)

Jon, I enjoyed your Mix and Mingle singles event last evening. You do an amazing job to provide an inviting atmosphere and a well balanced crowd. I was very impressed by the effort you take to have such an well organized event from start to finish and being such a fine host.

Everyone seemed quite friendly and many have shared their experiences of attending on several occasions - Thanks again for inviting us to your studio & look forward to seeing you again soon.

Rita (https://www.meetup.com/DivorcedandDating/members/80978472/)

Jon does an amazing job at his events - hands down the best gathering of 50/50 men and women coming together to meet, have fun and get to know one another for friendship, networking and/or romance!! It is the best $10 you will ever spend!! His studio is in a warehouse building and it is very quaint, the perfect setting to enjoy the comfort of an in-home gathering. Everyone is warm and friendly! Jon serves wine, soft drinks and appetizers so in essence the event is free to you! Be adventurous and try it!!

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SOLD OUT - Learn To Dress In A Way That Expresses Your Inner Essence

Watertown Center for Healing Arts (Charles River Room)

UPDATE: This event is now WAY over capacity, and we cannot take anymore RSVP's. I apologize for that. There's a hard limit to how many people the room can hold, and we are already beyond that limit. I'll ask Jennifer to come visit us again and do another workshop. Allow me to ask you something about your clothing: - Have you ever seen someone who looks "just right" no matter what they wear? Would you like to know the secret that makes their outfits look good so effortlessly? I'll give you a hint... it's not that they're wearing the latest overpriced fashion. In fact, it's something completely different that I'll share with you in a moment. - Do you sometimes feel lost or overwhelmed when it's time to go clothes shopping, because you're not sure how to choose the best items for you? - Deep down, do you have a desire to make an improvement in how you present yourself to the world, but you're just not sure how to get started or what to actually DO different? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you're going to love this! Here's what this is all about: My friend Jennifer Butler - a highly sought after fashion and color expert from Los Angeles - has agreed to fly to Boston to deliver a free workshop for us (it's for both men and women, BTW). Jennifer is the person who fixed how I dressed, and helped me look more attractive both socially and in business. I was never taught how to choose the right clothes. I felt totally lost whenever I went shopping, so I just picked out whatever seemed comfortable. I hated trying on clothes in the fitting room, because nothing looked good on me. Little did I know that there's a method to choosing clothing that makes it much simpler, and guarantees you always choose items that look "just right" on you. As it turns out, there are two big things to pay attention to. Color and geometry. Here's how it works: You have your own unique color palette that's determined by the colors of your skin, hair, and eyes. There's a lot of deep psychology around this. Once you understand it, suddenly a whole new world of possibility opens up to you in terms of what kinds of things look good on you. You also have your own geometrical design. This is dictated by the shape of your face, the size of your facial features, the shape of your jaw, etc. This plays an important part in choosing things that look "just right". When you know these two factors (color and geometry), suddenly your choices become obvious and easy. You immediately know what belongs on you and what doesn't, and shopping becomes a breeze. It's no longer a guessing game trying to figure out how to look your best. Here's a short video Jennifer created that explains this better than I can: https://vimeo.com/116384207 Jennifer has developed a system for identifying your unique color palette and your personal geometry so you always make the right choices in the store. And THAT method is what Jennifer is going to introduce you to in this free workshop! Please don't miss out on this rare one-time event. Jennifer is approaching retirement, and this is the first time she's ever flown to Boston to give a workshop like this. Come and learn about her method, and I promise you that you'll walk away thinking about clothing completely differently. ************************************************* WANT TO JOIN US? HERE'S HOW: ************************************************* Where is it? The seminar is conveniently located at the Watertown Center For Healing Arts which is a beautiful facility for an event like this. What time? Please plan on arriving by 6:45pm so you have time to settle in and meet the other students. We start promptly at 7:00pm and go until 9:30pm (with a break in the middle). There are plenty of bus lines that go to the center, and there is also lots of parking both on the street and in a big parking lot near the center. UPDATE: This event is beyond full and cannot take anymore RSVP's.

Finding Lasting Love With Online Dating!

Jon Fischer Photography

You want to have a great relationship with someone you love, who loves you right back, and where both of you feel safe to be all of who you are, right? To purchase your ticket: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/finding-lasting-love-with-online-dating-wednesday-522-tickets-60935430513 This is being posted on many meetup groups. And you’ve tried all sorts of things to meet that person, including, maybe, online dating. Maybe you’ve joined the ever-growing crowd of people who complain about online dating as a waste of time, or a place where you’ll only meet people who have no interest in a real relationship, or even, a place to be scammed. Here’s the scoop: yes, those things are happening to people. And here’s the rest of the scoop: there are also thousands and thousands of people who are meeting great partners, and are building lives together. So, what separates the first group from the second group? Two things: Having an effective profile, and having the right kind of attitude and perspective. You may meet the love of your life at the grocery store, sure. But if you’re not doing online dating (correctly), you’re bypassing a lot of eligible singles. So maybe you’ve been part of the “This isn't working!” group, and you want to join the “Wow, this is awesome!” group. If so, you’ll want to be there for a very informative evening where you’ll learn what those people are doing who are having fun, meeting great men and women, and all as a result of online dating. Come…join us! Learn how you can have online dating lead you to finding lasting love! Presenter: Karen Jones, founder of The Heart Matters, a relationship training company, has been helping men and women learn how to have scrumptious relationships, online and offline, since 1997. To learn more about Karen, please visit her website: www.TheHeartMatters.com (http://www.theheartmatters.com/) Get your ticket today! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/finding-lasting-love-with-online-dating-wednesday-522-tickets-60935430513

NEW 35-50 Singles Mixer!!!

Jon Fischer Photography

This is a NEW 35-50 Mix and Mingle!! If you cannot attend this event but are interested in events for this age let us know! This is a new format for us and we would love to get your feedback about it. :) Click here to buy a ticket or get on the waiting list. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/new-35-50-fun-mix-and-mingle-for-singles-tickets-61010221214 THE WAITLIST DOES GET USED for last minute cancellations. Come on out and join us for an awesome party for Singles 35-50. Please be within the age category. This is VERY important. Complimentary Wine and Appetizers will be available. BALANCE OF MEN AND WOMEN My events are unlike probably any (or many) other meetup groups. I have a very strong commitment to making sure that my events are gender balanced and full or I will cancel it with a refund. Most of you have experienced how unreliable meetup RSVP's are and have been disappointed coming to an event hoping to meet a date. I've developed a way to have a RELIABLE sense of the numbers (and gender) of the folks that will be there so it won't be just a guess or a hope. You can actually rely on it when you purchase a ticket. So don't pay too much attention to the RSVP numbers. For me its all about the gender specific ticket sales not the RSVPs. And I post in many places other then this meetup group. So don't worry about it if you see that the RSVP's are off balance. You can buy a ticket with confidence that that the party won't be. **These events are age specific. Please really be within the age range of a particular event. Thanks! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE A TICKET https://www.eventbrite.com/e/new-35-50-fun-mix-and-mingle-for-singles-tickets-61010221214 Act quickly! RSVP DOES NOT RESERVE YOUR SPOT These events sell out! MULTI GROUP EVENT. The wait list DOES get used! Get together for a wonderful gathering of new and old friends. Wine and Appetizers will be served. Relaxing cool homey atmosphere. Here are a couple video testimonials from our attendees! Just a few (of many) testimonials: https://youtu.be/fRE1nF5EO5c https://youtu.be/7su_WaUeYOU More testimonials! "Thank you Jon! This was my first time attending one of your groups and was a wonderful experience. I met some very nice men and women and appreciate this opportunity to get out of my comfort zone." -Debi Great night - Thanks Jon! -Dianne “ Jon puts a tremendous amount of thought and personal time into organizing and hosting the meetups at his Waltham studio. Jon is extremely generous, compassionate, fun to be around, and friendly. He goes all out with wine and tasty appetizers to make everyone feel welcome. In my opinion, this has to be in the top 3 of meetups in which to attend. ” — David on Apr 13, 2017. So get your ticket today!! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/new-35-50-fun-mix-and-mingle-for-singles-tickets-61010221214 See you there! Best, Jon Please note that there will be a very short presentation with a special offer (FREE actually) on how to make your online dating profile lead to more success. Personal Safety: By going to an event through this meetup group or participating in any way through my meetup group you are taking full responsibility for your own safety. There is no assertion that the people that come to my events have been pre-screened in any way. Also be aware that communicating with members through the site is also at your own risk. Occasionally members are fake and I have no control over that or ability to screen them out. Please contact meetup itself if you have a problem.

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