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This group is for divorced or divorcing individuals, both men and women, in Broward and Palm Beach County who are looking to find solutions to dealing with ex-spouses on matters such as child custody, visitation and shared parental decision-making.

When the divorce attorneys, mediators and judges are out of your life, a new life begins post-divorce for divorced parents with children.

The group will conform to the needs of its members. Suggested topics include dealing with an ex-spouse who is not timely with visitation; differences in discipline techniques; dealing with a situation where your ex-spouse is in a new relationship and the new person is caring for your children; dealing with parenting in today’s world including communication via email or your ex-spouse providing your child with a cell phone; changing a visitation schedule to meet your child’s current developmental needs such as when your children become teenagers and the visitation scheduled created when they were about two no longer works for their busy life; and when you or your ex-spouse want to relocate out of the Fort Lauderdale area. Honestly, the list of problems that divorced parents in Fort Lauderdale face when rearing their children is endless.

When most parents become divorced, their divorce lawyer drafted a marital settlement agreement, which probably said something along the lines of awarding both parties shared parental responsibility for all decisions pertaining to the health, emotional and psychological development, medical and dental care, education (religious and secular), welfare and upbringing of your children. You now discovered that this is easier said than done.

This group is aimed at negotiating with your ex-spouse to resolve child custody, visitation and decision-making problems without the need for divorce lawyers. This is not a group for spouse bashing. The group is meant to think positive and be pro-active. As a Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney, I know post-divorce litigation for divorced parents is hostile and costly. I however have worn two hats in my life as a result of my masters in social work with a concentration in children and families. There are alternatives to divorce litigation in Fort Lauderdale, many of which are simply implemented by divorce lawyers in your post divorce mediation after high litigation costs that you can use now to negotiate a resolution to your child custody, visitation or decision-making problems. A strong negotiator is a powerful parent.

I will arrange for local professional Fort Lauderdale social workers and psychologist guest speakers once the group is up and running and I have a consensus on topics that members desire to address. Members, please use the "idea" menu option at the top of the screen to propose topics of interest, or suggestions for a meetup. Please give at least 7 days and better yet, 30 days notice for us to organize and schedule the idea on the calendar.

If you are a local Fort Lauderdale social worker or psychologist and desire to join the group, please be aware that this group requires participation from everyone so you will be required to share your thoughts and ideas during the meet up or you will be removed from the group.

The target audience for this group is divorced or divorcing parents in the Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding community. However, if you are a parent who never married your child’s other parent and are experiencing difficulty with child custody, visitation or parental decision-making in the Fort Lauderdale area, you are welcome to come. The dynamics that you encounter may be more difficult in some cases especially if you never reared your child(ren) while living in the same household as the other parent of your child(ren).

Attendance at every meeting in Fort Lauderdale is not required. We are open to "ideas" of other venues to meet at. Please use this group and the discussion/ message board to seek advice from other divorced South Florida parents and/or want to share your techniques and ideas with other local divorced parents.

For directions to the Law Office of Rebekah Brown Wiseman in Fort Lauderdale, please visit http://www.southfloridafamilylawattorney.com/CM/Custom/Of (http://www.southfloridafamilylawattorney.com/CM/Custom/Of)...

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