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Friends of Archaeology, pictographs, petroglyphs, rock art, preserving the past, protecting the past, Native American history

The Dixie Archaeology Society is a group of individuals whose purpose is to become better educated citizens so that we can help the general public become more aware of the value of irreplaceable archaeological resources; especially rock art, within Utah, the Arizona Strip and Southern Nevada.

We accomplish our goal by:

1) Having monthly meetings with lectures by subject matter experts.

2) Having monthly field trips to local archaeological sites, lead by knowledgeable persons who may help us to better understand the archaeological, cultural, and spiritual values of the sites.

We believe that the preservation of rock art as well as other archaeological sites lies in education. This education involves lectures, class room instruction and field trips. We believe that the public must be able to visit archaeological sites and view them “in situ” in order to fully appreciate the value of these traces of “those who came before”. We strive to make each site a “living museum”.

Dues are $20 if paying by Meetup. Registration form must be completed: https://icl.dixie.edu/archaeological-society-registration/

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