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Mastermind Gathering of Vestibular & Balance Mastermind Group of DFW
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Dream Cafe on Mockingbird

6465 E Mockingbird Lane · Dallas, TX

What we're about

The purpose of this impact group is to connect healthcare providers, patients, and researchers to share ideas and solutions regarding vestibular and balance deficits & disorders. One of the greatest challenges in the realm of vestibular is OBSCURITY WITHIN OUR CURRENT HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. This impact group strives to change that problem by bringing people together to come to a greater understanding of vestibular and balance disorders that can be brought to more people, more easily, faster, and better
While this impact group is not a platform for advertisement, it is a networking location to connect prospective patients to healthcare providers, researchers to clinicians, physicians to therapists, etc., so promoting oneself through providing quality information and content is welcome without overt advertisement.
As healthcare providers, we are passionate about those we serve and the topics in which we specialize. Patients and their families may be able to provide us more first-hand account of the effects of daily life and symptoms, so the conversation within the group may fluctuate between fascination, analysis, evidence, clinical experience, or theory, to something that is more real-life, and closer to home.
Participation from all over the world on the Facebook Group is encouraged and the purpose of a central location in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is to allow a local community to easily connect, meet, network, and provide speakers and presenters.

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