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Hey! Doing Django development and living in or around Vienna? Meet fellow Django hackers: Hear about best-practices, their daily work-arounds or simply relax together – having a drink.
Despite the group name, Flask-users and Python folks – in general – are highly welcome! :)

Meetup every two months. Currently, postponing physical meetups until Covid-19 restrictions fade out.

Talks aimed at web developers with deadlines: Best-practices, your project's stack, elegant solutions :)

Use our mailing listdjango-vienna-list@meetup.comfor contacting our group.

(You have to be group member and use your meetup-registration-email when directly contacting the list. For forwarding requests address one of the organizers.)

Django-related job offers are welcome in our our mailing list, too.

django-entwickler.at provides a structured overview of Django- and Python-related companies in and around Vienna – freelancers, agencies or django-powered products (http://django-entwickler.at/).

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Django-Vienna 07/2022

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Django-Vienna 05/2022

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Django-Vienna 02/2020

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Django-Vienna 11/2019

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