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Hi Neighbour's !! 🌻
My name is Alex my family & I have fallen head over heels in love with DoTerra 💙essential oils. I cannot wait to share all the benefits of this magic potion with you!
I know you guys are a busy bunch, but this is not another party and you will not end up with 10 pairs of leggings you didn't intend to buy. The person hosting the class is a certified nutritionist, Holistic Yoga instructor, and health coach. She will be giving a very fun, educational, and interactive class during which you will learn how to;

🔹Naturally boost your immune system
🔹Relieve stress, anxiety and promote restful sleep
Alleviate colds, flu, cough, and infections
🔹Remove toxic chemicals from your home
🔹Use essential oils safely on your children and much more. So, please come over to our home this upcoming Saturday April 1st @ 12:00pm grab an Essential Oil infused water or and healthy snacks, get comfy and enjoy the class.
Please bring any friends or family who might benefit from this info!

Every guest will receive FREE samples and will be entered to win a 15ml bottle of pure, therapeutic grade essential oil at the end of the class.
Hope to see you soon!!

Please RSVP By Fri. Night The 30th So we plan accordingly.
Please send me a private message so I can forward the address.

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