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Learn, Collaborate & Dockerize! Meet other developers and ops engineers in your community that are using and learning about Docker. Docker is an open platform that helps you build, ship and run applications anytime and anywhere. Developers use Docker to modify code and to streamline application development, while operations gain support to quickly and flexibly respond to their changing needs. Docker ensures agility, portability and control for all your distributed apps.

Docker is also the main sponsor of the Moby Project, an open framework to assemble specialized container systems without reinventing the wheel. More information available at http://mobyproject.org/

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DevOps India Conference 2021 | By KubeDaily | Collabnix | Docker Bangalore


This Aug 28th, 2021, Docker Bangalore Meetup Community is coming together with DevOps India Conference by KubeDaily & Collabnix community groups to conduct a meetup event for DevOps practitioners. This will be a 100% virtual event where DevOps mindset, skills, and tools converge. This will be a half-day event that brings together leaders in DevOps and the Cloud-native world to collaborate and learn from each other. We encourage people with technology and business backgrounds to attend, learn and share experiences.

Who can attend

Primary Audience:


Practitioners: Solution Architects, SRE, Application Developers, Managers

Open Source Maintainers: Includes Projects Leads and Contributors

Leaders: Directors, CxOs, Presidents, VPs

Speaker Guidelines:

We are currently accepting 30-minute talk proposals from interested speakers. As our conference is fully virtual, we cordially invite all to make a submission (or submissions). Our core audience will consist of DevOps, application developers, open source maintainers, software architects, Product Managers, open-source experts, IoT and application security professionals. Make sure you understand the speaker guidelines before submitting your session. Attendance is 100% free and online.

We’re eager to provide a platform to our speakers, so if you are a completely new speaker or haven’t delivered a talk in the past, tell us about it in your proposal. We also welcome submissions on perennially popular technical topics related to DevOps technologies listed below:

Continuous integration and continuous delivery


Open Source Technology

Release Orchestration

Application Development


Monitoring and alerting


Software Delivery Management


Monitoring and Observing Containers in Production

Managing Deployment Configuration (IaC)

Container Security Best Practices

Using Containers in Test Environments

DevOps Tools(Docker, Chef, Puppet, PowerShell, Kubernetes, GitHub, Ansible, SaltStack, Capistrano, Jenkins)

DevOps/Cloud Infra (Virtualization, Containerization, Orchestration, Microservices, Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, OpenStack).

DevOps Real World Experience – technology adoption examples, real-life implementation scenarios, best practices, and insights from real companies.

Culture and Processes

Infrastructure as code

LIVE sessions:

Please note that there will be no pre-recorded sessions. This is a live, online meetup event; however, we might air pre-recorded sessions, if needed, that might be due to time zones and potential technical difficulties.

Presentation platform

The presentation platform for all the speakers will be Streamyard and the participants get a chance to ask queries and watch the sessions via YouTube and other social media platform(will be announced shortly)

Live interaction with your audience

Speaking of audience involvement and participation, we’ll have a YouTube chat set up so you can exchange messages with your audience during your session, as well as afterward to answer any questions that might have come up. Usually, the steam yard platform fetches those chat messages that can be displayed directly over the platform seamlessly.

Hurry Up CFP is open :- https://www.papercall.io/devopsindia | last day to submit talk 14 Aug 2021



Hosted By

Ajeet Raina, Developer Captain

Ajeet Singh Raina is a Docker Captain and ARM Innovator. He is currently working as Developer Relations Manager in Redis Labs. He is a Docker Community Leader for Docker Bangalore, the largest Docker meetup in the world (with nearly 12,000+ members)! He founded Collabnix, a website for his blogs and co-founded IoET Planet, a platform to drive collaboration around events, projects, and a variety of other community-driven activities.

Ajeet is a prolific blogger who has written 200+ blogs around Docker, Kubernetes, and Cloud related topics, and his blogs attract roughly 14 million visitors per year (wow!). While managing multiple websites, hosting events, and frequently releasing blogs, Ajeet also runs the Collabnix Slack channel. This channel has over 4900+ community members, and does a great job at keeping the community active and engaged between these various activities.

Saiyam Pathak, DevOps Engineer, Community Leader

Saiyam is working as Director of Technical Evangelism at Civo with a focus on defining the Civo cloud platform for simplifying Kubernetes and making it accessible for developers. Previously at Walmart Labs, Oracle, and hp, Saiyam has worked on many facets of k8s including machine learning platform, scaling, multi-cloud, managed k8s services, and k8s documentation. He’s worked on implementing Rancher and Influx in different organizations.
When not coding, Saiyam works on contributing to the community by writing blogs and organizing local meetups for k8s, rancher, Influx. He is also an Influx ACE, Traefik Ambassador, CNCF ambassador, and can be reached on twitter @saiyampathak.

Sangam Biradar, Developer Advocate, Community Leader

Join :- discord.kubedaily.live
Docker Community Leader , Bangalore
• Author :- lightweight Kubernetes with k3s with packt Publication
• Gopherlabs – 500+ tutorials - https://gopherlabs.kubedaily.com
• Containerlabs - 500+ tutorials:- https://www.containerlabs.kubedaily.com
• Rustlabs – https://rustlabs.kubedaily.com
• Okteto – Kubernetes For Developer , Bangalore Meetup Organizer



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