Impromptu: Container Ops, from Pets to Cattle with DC/OS (w/ AZUG)


Container Operations, from Pets to Cattle with Mesosphere DC/OS on Azure

Container Operations spans the process of assembling container images through a CI/CD pipeline to deploy and run microservices-style apps in a cluster of machines. In this talk I'll introduce you to container basics, best practices around Docker images and CI/CD pipelines as well as deployment strategies with Marathon as part of DC/OS (, the production-grade container operations platform available via Azure Container Service ( and as a Azure Marketplace offering. We will discuss immutable infrastructure as well as containerized workloads incl. a live demo of the DC/OS capabilities.

Michael Hausenblas ( is a Developer & Cloud Advocate at Mesosphere ( where he helps appops to build and operate distributed applications. He shares his experience with distributed operating systems, large-scale data processing, and IoT applications through demos, blog posts and public speaking engagements and contributes to open source software (DC/OS, Mesos, Spark, Myriad).

Azure Container Service in Action (Nathan Bijnens, Microsoft)

A small demo of Mesosphere DC/OS on Azure, and how it integrates with other services like Event Hubs and Power BI.


The meetup will begin at 18h30, at 19h the session will start. Sandwiches and drinks will be provided.
The event is co-hosted with the Azure User Group Belgium ( and organized by Microsoft Belgium (