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DigitalOcean co-meetup: Developing with Docker and learning about Crate+Docker

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This is a DigitalOcean / Docker co-meetup!

SoundCloud will kindly host the meetup and DigitalOcean will sponsor food and drinks!

Bryan Liles from DigitalOcean will talk about how to integrate Docker into your development stack to create a consistent workflow for your team. will also be here and developer advocate Chris Ward will talk about how Crate uses Docker to provide a fully distributed database that scale like you scale your applications.

Agenda for the evening:

6:30 - 7:00: Networking around pizza and drinks

7:00 - 7:40: Developing with Docker

7:40 - 8:00: Break

8:00 - 8:40: Crate and Docker

8:40 - 9:00: Networking & Door closing

Details of the talks:

Developing with Docker by Bryan Liles, DigitalOcean:

Keeping your developer environment up to date is hard enough for a single developer. Keeping a consistent developer environment intact across a team is a more difficult challenge. In this presentation, we will learn how to integrate Docker into your development stack, and take a look at a workflow for moving your applications to production, while keeping the whole team on the same page.

Crate and Docker by Chris Ward,

Scale Your Database like Your Application: Crate is a distributed database that allows you to create a flexible and scalable backend suited to a wide variety of purposes.

By deploying and managing your Crate Cluster using Docker, you benefit from simple scalable capacity, resilience and portability, no matter how complex or large your application becomes. In this presentation we will discuss how Crate is built and works and why Crate is a perfect partner for Docker, including: The benefits of Crate's shared-nothing architecture Data Persistency Mounting Volumes Working with Docker tools such as Compose, Machine and Swarm


Bryan Liles, DigitalOcean, bio:

Bryan Liles is a Software Engineer at DigitalOcean currently building clouds in Go.

Previously, Bryan has worn black and white hats, worked on red teams, simulated the world in multiple programming languages, and used expletives while writing software. With over 15 years experience, his resume includes a diverse background of networking, security, and operations. Beyond coding, he actively gives talks on topics ranging from machine learning and simulation to software engineer development and growth – as well as talks on the actual practice of writing software.

Before joining DigitalOcean, Bryan was the CTO of Thunderbolt Labs. There he created platforms for simulating infectious diseases over large populations, integrating disparate sources of clinical trial related data into a cohesive platform that could be used to determine correct courses of actions for treatments.

Chris Ward, Crate.IO, bio

Developer advocate for @crateio Open Advocate working on Software, Organisations, Books and Games. Mobile Editor at SitePoint. Loves to talk when got the chance