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April 2018 Docker Meetup at Aqua Security Software
Presentation #1: Containers: When it comes to your security team – are containers friends or foes? Your security department may view containers as challenging to manage (the code moves too fast for risk analysis, thousands of containers with limited visibility or control). Government organizations such as NIST have come out with guidelines for Application Container Security. How can you demonstrate to your security department that you truly embrace DevSecOps? Bring your laptop – bring your images - we will use Aqua’s Open Source tool to go “hands-on” and scan Docker images and discuss the results as a group. The goal of the exercise would be to empower developers to have more enlightened conversations with their security counterparts, by providing strong insights into potential vulnerabilities and how to take corrective actions right within the CI/CD pipeline. About Our Speaker: Tsvi Korren, CISSP, has been an enterprise IT professional for 20 years, with background in business process consulting in large organizations. Tsvi is currently the Chief Solutions Architect at Aqua, concentrating on building bridges between DevOps and Security. Second Presenter tbc-- stay tuned! Thank you to our event space host, food and beverage sponsor, and presenter Aqua Security Software! If you'd like to host, sponsor, or present at our next Docker meetup, ping Jonas, Chris, and/or Michelle! Please also let us know if you'd like to give a lightning talk.

Aqua Security Software, Inc.

800 District Avenue Suite 310 · Burlington, ma

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