Brno Docker meetup

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106 people went

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An evening full of interesting talks about containers.

Currently confirmed talks:

Nulecule - how to define, distribute and deploy multi-container applications - Václav Pavlín, Red Hat (

There is no standard mechanism for creating, distributing and deploying multi-container applications. The Nulecule specification solves this problem by allowing the definition, metadata, dependencies and orchestration provider configurations to be packaged up into a single usable unit. This talk will also cover Atomic App, the reference implementation of Nulecule.

Ceph and Docker: How to get persistent storage on the cloud - Matteo Ferraroni, Digital-blue (

Claim of Docker is : "Build, Ship, and Run Any App, Anywhere" but what will happen when you need and enterprise-grade multiple host environment to run our production applications?
We discovered that storage solutions provided out-of-the-box by Docker have gaps, therefore we started seeking for a way to provide reliable persistent storage to our containers running on a multi-host environment and we finally found CEPH.
In this talk I will explain gaps of Docker storage subsystem and how we can provide persistent storage using the CEPH software, additionally I will let people try the solution with a small hands-on lab.

Using docker together with test kitchen and serverspec for puppet test automation - Yury Tsarev, GoodData (

Learn how to win at buzzword bingo by combining two popular testing tools with docker to create a test-driven infrastructure.

Using docker for advanced testing, building packages for multiple distributions - Tomáš Nožička,

This two-part presentation will start with a demonstration of using docker for unit testing when a database, such as MySQL, is required. In the second part code will be tested and built in a clean environment for multiple distributions using docker. In this second part we will explore using docker in docker and docker next to docker as part of the solution.