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Unify DevOps and SecOps: Security without Friction
Rescheduled due to popular demand --- In a world of change, how do you balance the speed and agility of DevOps with the security and compliance of SecOps? In this session, Matt will focus on the challenges facing both DevOps and SecOps when it comes to security. Only by understanding each team’s objections, can a frictionless approach to security be achieved. Next, Matt will highlight the security challenges of container applications. Here, we must first understand the three primary approaches: Kernel Plug-ins Privileged Containers Embedded Security The pros and cons of each approach will be presented. And finally, Matt explains how to integrate security within the DevOps process without impacting development, but also providing security the visibility and control needed to secure containers. This frictionless approach is the only one that unifies DevOps and SecOps. --- Hosted By Mark Emeis, Community Leader Mark is passionate about leadership, team dynamics, innovation, and productivity. These passions and previous failures lead him to start up within the CA Accelerator. With Mark aims to accelerate software container adoption and simplify complex microservice applications. Mark started and runs the Colorado Springs Docker meetup where he is a frequent presenter. Additionally, he has spoken at several conferences including DockerCon and CA World. He’s worked in software development for almost 30 years wearing the hats of founder, development manager, scrum master, architect, lead developer, and developer. Mark holds several software patents. David Morse, Community Leader Docker Community Leader for Colorado Springs. Employed as a DevOps Engineer at Polaris Alpha, with a background in development and managing software dev teams. Fluent in many languages including, java, javascript, ruby, python.

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