Wednesday, 16th Nov 2016: Docker Global Mentor Week

University of Dammam

University of Dammam,King Faisal Road Eastern Province · Dammam

How to find us

University of Dammam, Computer Science Department, Lab A.

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Join the Saudi edition of the "Docker Global Mentor Week!"

Docker Global Mentor Week is your opportunity to #learndocker. to learn how to build, ship, and run modern distributed applications with ease. thanks to the Docker platform.

Right now, Docker has developed out a series of self-paced online labs that will be available during the meetup. Docker’s meetup groups worldwide are hosting a series of complimentary events to help newcomers and intermediate users learn Docker.

We'll have hands-on labs for both beginners and intermediate users, labs targeting both developers and operations. There is something for everyone. Docker mentor will be on hand at this event to help you prepare. and work through the self-paced materials. Bring your laptop, have fun and learn Docker!

Note that participant will get a proof of course completion at the end.

as well we will have some Docker swag for you to compete for.

*Attendees encouraged to bring their laptops.

Tentative Agenda:

• 9:00 am- Doors Open

• 9:15 am- Welcome message, presentation of Docker.

• 9:30 am to 11:30 am - Select and work through self-paced lab

Call for Mentors:

Are you an advanced user? We firmly encourage Docker users of all skill levels to attend! We need a network of mentors who understand the Docker platform to answer any questions that newcomers may have. Click here ( to sign up as a mentor. Contact Walid Shaari if you would like to help and facilitate along with the meetup.


These steps are optional; No worries if you can not do them before you show up. If you come early, we can help you get prepared if you would like you can start your preparations earlier:

Make sure you have a Docker Hub account and bring your laptop fully charged with Docker set-up. See below for some further instructions and details.

1. You will need a Docker Hub account to access the course materials. Create a Docker Hub account here: (

2. Set-up Docker on your laptop (it is preferred but not a must to bring your own)

• Linux users: we need you to install Docker engine ( and Docker compose (

• Mac users: install Docker for Mac ( or if you have an older Mac, Docker Toolbox (

• Windows users: if you have Windows 10 Pro install Docker for Windows (

3. New to Docker? Pre-Pull the Docker images for the very basic tutorial, so you’re ready for the beginner level course, they are:

• docker pull hello-world

• docker pull alpine

• docker pull seqvence/static-site

4. To run the application and participate in the rest of the training, you will need to pre-pull these images:

• docker pull microsoft/dotnet:1.0.0-preview1

• docker pull node:5.11.0-slim

• docker pull python:2.7-alpine

• docker pull redis:alpine

• docker pull postgres:9.4

5. For the Ops / orchestration part, you will want to pre-build the demo app by running the following steps:

• git clone git://

• cd orchestration-workshop/dockercoins

• docker-compose build