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Fifth Docker Hamburg meetup

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Wojciech P.


Hi Docker fans,

Chris Ward ( will give a talk about Crate ( - the distributed database for Docker.

This time the event is hosted by Jimdo (

Below you will find an outline of the talk by Chris:

Crate and Docker: Scale Your Database like Your Application

Crate is a distributed database that allows you to create a flexible and scalable backend suited to a wide variety of purposes.

By deploying and managing your Crate Cluster using Docker, you benefit from simple scalable capacity, resilience and portability, no matter how complex or large your application becomes.

In this presentation we will discuss how Crate is built and works and why Crate is a perfect partner for Docker, including:

• The benefits of Crate's shared-nothing architecture

• Data Persistency

• Mounting Volumes

• Working with Docker tools such as Compose, Machine and Swarm

As well as sample applications and any questions you might have.