Docker Southampton - Meetup #3

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Speaker 1 - In this talk Mark Heath, a Microsoft MVP and Software Developer based in Southampton will be discussing how we can leverage Windows Azure containerization. Over the last few years Docker has not only revolutionised the Linux landscape but has been fully embraced by Microsoft, with rich containerization support coming to Windows, .NET, Visual Studio and Azure. Azure Container Instances (ACI), managed Kubernetes (AKS) and Web Apps on containers are just a few of a broad range of options for running containerized workloads in Azure. We'll look at how you can decide which of these offerings is right for you, and the benefits of hosting serverless containers in Azure.

Twitter Handle: @mark_heath

Speaker 2 - In this talk Dylan Scott, Web and Infrastructure Developer at Five by Five, will be looking at building a Kubernetes cluster using Infrastructure as Code. Managing containers without some sort of orchestration tool is difficult! Kubernetes has been built and used by Google in production workloads for the past 15 years. Combining an orchestration tool with, and on top of, immutable infrastructure makes for a powerful combination. Although setting up a cluster is fairly trivial; can we make this process even easier? We will be using popular DevOps tools Packer and Terraform, by Hashicorp, to build our cluster. Automation is everywhere - so why not automate cluster construction?!

Twitter Handle: @dylanrhysscott

Speaker 3 - Alex Owen-Meehan explores the basics of Docker, discussing his experience with learning how to use the technology, useful knowledge for day to day use of Docker, tips for how to accelerate your Docker learning process or even help those on your teams still starting out with Docker.

Going over basic, easy ways to think about the container service, how to build a strong foundation for learning Docker, the basics of running and debugging containers, alongside some useful frameworks and tools that can support and enhance your docker experience. Finally, we will be using Microclimate to demonstrate an application of Docker to consolidate all of the prior parts of the talk.

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you all there!