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Docker London Meetup - Christmas Edition

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Dominique T.
Docker London Meetup - Christmas Edition


Please RSVP on - I dare you to wear a Christmas Jumper :p
(Gentle reminder that the Meetup event won't lift waitlist!!)

Christmas is early for us Dockerites, where we will yet again, gather to celebrate the last Meetup of 2019!

6:00 - Doors Open + Food
7:00 - Introduction
7:15 - Declarative Network Security for your Docker and Kubernetes Platforms
7:45 - A trip down Docker Build history to BuildKit
8:15 - Beer Break
8:30 - What's mTLS and why should you care?
9:00 PM Wrap up & Pub

Karthik Prabhakar (@worldhopper) - Declarative Network Security for your Docker and Kubernetes Platforms
Tigera Calico is the open source, batteries-included solution included in Docker Enterprise for pod networking and network security and is widely adopted in high profile deployments. This talk will discuss the do's and don'ts of declarative network security for microservices in Docker and Kubernetes deployments. Together with a demo leveraging standard Kubernetes and Service Mesh (Istio + Envoy) constructs, we'll illustrate how to enable policy-as-code for network security in lock step with dynamic workload identity, and best practices to minimize friction with adoption..
Karthik Prabhakar has been with Tigera for 3 years, and has been involved with network and network security designs at numerous Kubernetes deployments in production.
Fernando Miguel (@BlnaryMlke) - A trip down Docker Build history to BuildKit
In this talk Fernando will cover the evolution of Docker Build engine, enabling and benefits of BuildKit and what buildx can do for you.

Fernando is a Solution Architect, DevSecOps, SRE. He’s an advocate of self-empowering others.
Viktor Petersson (@vpetersson) - What's mTLS and why should you care?
Mutual TLS, or mTLS, is a widely used standard for improving the security for authentication. It's an extension of TLS, which is used for HTTPS, but in addition to the client verifying that the server, the server also verifies that the client.
mTLS is already widely used and is the cornerstone of the Zero Trust Networking movement, but how does it work? In this talk, we will go over the fundamentals of mTLS and create a simple web app that users mTLS as the authentication method. We will use technologies like Docker and Nginx to accomplish this, show the benefits over traditional authentication methods (such as API keys and passwords)
Bio: While still in college Viktor co-founded the software company WireLoad, Inc which grew into a thriving business with multiple products. WireLoad's latest product, Screenly, has grown to become the most popular open source solution on Github, powering thousands of screens around the world, all powered by Raspberry Pis.
Most recently, Viktor co-founded WoTT to help tackle the mess that is security by making it easy for developers to adopt industry best-practices for their fleet of devices.

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>_JetBrains - - Everybody's favourite IDE's. Jetbrains is kindly offering us free 1-year licenses to give away!

>_O'Reilly - www.o' - O'Reilly is offering us a bunch of books to give away!
Belvedere Road · London
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