The first edition of the Decade - January Docker London

Docker London
Docker London
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Babylon Health

60 Sloane Ave · London

How to find us

We're in the 2nd floor Stand-up Area - there will be signage :)

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Docker London is coming at you with the first edition of the decade!

6:00 - Doors Open + Food
7:00 - Introduction
7:15 - Dimple Dalby (@dimpledalby) - Getting your containers ready for production
7:45 - Matt Carroll (@grimmware) - How I Used `--cap-add=SYS_ADMIN` And Wasn’t Even Sorry
8:15 - Beer Break
8:30 - Marcos Nils (@marcosnils) - Rebooting Docker
9:00 - Wrap up + Pub

>_Dimple Dalby (@dimpledalby) - Getting your containers ready for production
Comparethemarket has been running services on Kubernetes for over 2 years now. Getting our services production ready has not been easy. This talk is about a curated checklist you might want to use to make your journey a lot easier than ours.

Dimple is a Cloud Platform Lead at Comparethemarket. She has a background in development and has been in the DevOps world for around 8 years.

>_Matt Carroll (@grimmware) - How I Used `--cap-add=SYS_ADMIN` And Wasn’t Even Sorry
At Yelp our security team faced a fairly common problem of tracing outbound TCP connections back to their owning processes on our container-based PaaS, so we had the idea to use the Linux kernel’s eBPF subsystem for its tracing capabilities. But how to deploy a greenfield security project across a fleet quickly and easily to prove its utility in order to invest further time in it? In this talk we’ll look out how you can use eBPF and Docker in harmony to get cutting edge tracing capabilities without all the pain!

Matt is an Infrastructure Security Engineer at Yelp by day and just generally dissatisfied by the order that the 0s and 1s are in by night.

>_Marcos Nils (@marcosnils) - Rebooting Docker
Most of you probably heard by now that Docker is undergoing a reboot since the Enterprise part of the business was acquired by Mirantis. Marcos would like to take this opportunity to showcase a project he started around 3 years ago, which will bring us back to the one of the core principles of Docker, to “Create tools for mass innovation". If you're passionate about technology and you like to tinker with container related things, this talk is definitely not to be missed!

Marcos is a Docker Captain, OSS lover, helmsman and wine drinker. He participated (and won) two Docker global hackathons together with the infamous Jonathan Leibiusky (@xetorthio) with our projects Whaleprint and CMT (Container Migration Tool). He also co-created “Play-with” [-Docker, -k8s, -nomad and -moby] as well as a few other OSS projects. He is currently Head of Operations at ZEIT, the best platform to host static and dynamic workloads.

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