Docker Global Mentor Week


UPDATE: All those intending to attend, please get your free ticket [which is mandatory] at the below url:

During our first meetup, we heard a lot of requests for a Docker workshop for beginners. And that is what we are bringing you in November

We are hosting the Mangalore edition of "The Docker Global Mentor Week" . Our goal is to provide easy paced self learning courses that will take you through the basics of Docker and make you well acquainted with most aspects of application delivery using Docker.

Remember Liverpool's Anthem "You will never walk alone".
In this meetup, you will be aided, guided and led by awesome mentors who will share their expertise and experience with you.

We are looking for mentors. If you have solid experience on Docker and its ecosystem or even better contributed to the projects on Github, register at the following link: (

Hope to meet you the meetup :-)