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Docker and ML/AI && CLI
PLEASE USE THIS LINK TO RSVP. THANKS! AGENDA 6.30 - 7.00 pm: Network, food and drinks 7.00 - 7.45 pm: Adding intelligence to your dockerized microservices 7.45 - 8.30pm: Docker Powered CLIs ADDING INTELLIGENCE TO YOUR DOCKERIZED MICROSERVICES Containers not only accelerated development and made it more consistent, but also it opened up the door to greater innovation in how we orchestrate and manage our stack. Teams have to deal with lots of moving parts to keep their systems healthy: users workloads, run-time architecture, infrastructure properties, capacity changes, etc. Containers along with different orchestration tools made our stack more fluid. We can respond faster to changes in workloads and available capacity. In this session, we will go through challenges keeping that balance between microservices performance, capacity needs, and plausible user experience. I'll touch on how adding some basic AI to your runtime can tremendously help you to build reliable and efficient containerized microservices. DOCKER POWERED CLIs Docker has been used for quite a while as a way to go from "works on my laptop" to "works in prod" as easily as possible. This talk describes a completely different usage of Docker to, rather than installing things in production, provide an easy way to power CLI tools and their extensions through Docker containers. We will cover the specifics of how source{d} Engine ( is built, getting into the details of networking, communication, and versioning. Francesc Campoy Flores is the VP of Developer Relations at source{d}, a startup applying ML to source code and building the platform for the future of developer tooling. Previously, he worked at Google as a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform and the Go team.

Realself @ Capitol One Building

83 S King St (8th Floor) · Seattle, WA

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