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Joyent & ContainerPilot, Distelli & The Future of IaaS & Serverless Node.js

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OfferUp - Suite 100

1715 114th ave SE · Bellevue, WA

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Call Andrew or Robby with questions @ 206-354-5560 or 206-280-6351

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5:00: Doors open

5:00 - 6.00: networking, food/drinks

6.00 - 6.30 pm: Robby Andrews of Joyent

6.30 - 7.00 pm: Rahul Singh of Distelli

7.00 - 7.30 pm: Bob Dickinson of Synchro.IO

7.30- 7:45 Q&A with speakers

7.45- 8:00 Networking

8.00 Doors close

Implementing the Pattern with ContainerPilot and Triton Container Naming Service (CNS)

Robby Andrews- Joyent DevOps Advocate

One of the most confusing challenges developers and operators face when building modern applications is how to design them for easy deployment and scaling. The most critical factor in that is how to automate the process of connecting the components of the application together, and doing so in a way that works on our laptops as well as it does in production.

Robby will demonstrate how to solve those problems in the context of a Node.js application backed by MySQL and load balanced with Nginx. All the components are running in multiple Docker containers on Triton, and use ContainerPilot ( to automate discovery and configuration. We're using Docker Compose to deploy the application and scale it across the data center on Triton. Finally, this post also demonstrates how to use Triton Container Name Service ( (CNS), the free and automated global DNS built-in to Triton, to make it easy for users on the internet to find our application.

App Delivery in a Microservices World

Rahul is a software engineer and the Founder & CEO at Distelli. He started his career at Amazon Web Services (AWS) where he spent over 8 years, building foundational services that power AWS. He enjoys building products and services that solve real problems and make life easier for customers. Rahul holds and MS in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University.

The Future of Infrastructure--------------------------------------
We're rapidly moving on from a world of bare metal servers in a colo to cloud services, VM and containers. In this talk I'll give you my predictions for what the future looks like and how to gear up for the new world order, what skills you'll need and the tooling that will prevail.

Serverless, Node.js & mobile for the Enterprise

The Synchro mobile application development platform allows enterprise developers to quickly and easily build apps that present to end users as native mobile apps, but where all of the app code actually runs on the server. The resulting apps are easier to create, easier to integrate, easier to update, and more secure than those created using
other mobile app platforms.

This presentation will cover the ways in which Synchro has used Docker to make it easier for customers to deploy and scale their Synchro solutions. In particular, it will focus on Synchro Lab's implementation of the Autopilot Pattern using ContainerPilot, providing app-centric micro-orchestration that works seamlessly and automatically, regardless of the orchestration solution the customer uses.

Bob Dickinson is Co-founder and President of Synchro Labs, Inc. He has been a software developer for 25+ years. He has founded several companies (three of which have had successful exits), and has held senior executive positions in several larger technology companies. He is the inventor of many patents in the areas of information security and consumer electronics. He is an enterprise developer, a full-stack web developer, and a native mobile developer (iOS, Android, Windows). He's been working with Node.js for the past three years and Docker for the past year.