YugabyteDB on k8s && Docker for Blockchains and Smart Contracts


6.00 pm - Networking, food and drinks
6.30 pm - YugabyteDB on k8s
7.15 pm - Using Docker Containers for Blockchains and Smart Contracts

Talk #1 - Running YugabyteDB on Kubernetes: Recommendations for Success

This talk will describe the lifecycle of a stateful, distributed SQL database application on Kubernetes. It details the design, provisioning, implementation and monitoring best practices relevant to Kubernetes admins and operators using a 100% open-source database as an example.

Speaker: Andrew Nelson
Currently Developer Advocate at Yugabyte. Formerly 4 years at Nutanix as a Distributed Systems Specialist covering Container Ecosystem projects, Big Data, and HPC.

Talk #2 - Using Docker Containers for Blockchains and Smart Contracts

Learn about how Dragonchain, an open source blockchain platform, uses containers for blockchain technology. Dragonchain uses Docker not only as an application container, but also as a containerized smart contract. Hear about how Docker is used in their application stack along with Kubernetes, Helm, OpenFaaS, and Redis. And also learn about how Dragonchain uses Docker as a container for smart contracts to support fast development and a wide range of programming languages. We will cover the workflow of writing a simple smart contract, pushing the contract to Docker Hub, and putting the smart contract on chain.

Speaker: Danny Leudke
Danny Luedke is the Director of Product Marketing for the Dragon Company. Prior to joining Dragonchain, Danny worked at F5 Networks, where he worked on the core traffic management platform and security products. Previously, he was a consultant at security firm working with clients in the cloud, healthcare, retail, and telecom sectors and as auditor for ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems activities.