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Docker Global Mentor Week (Kaohsiung Party)

Hosted by Docker Taipei

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Join us for our local edition of the Docker Global Mentor Week! Docker Global Mentor Week is your opportunity to #learndocker. Right now, Docker is working on two self paced online labs that will be available through LearnDot. One lab will be for beginners and one lab will be for intermediate users. Docker mentors will be on hand at this event to help you as you work through the self paced materials. Are you an advanced user? We strongly encourage Docker users of all skill levels to attend! We need a network of mentors who understand the Docker platform to answer any questions that newcomers may have. Click here to sign up as a mentor.

First Day:
1. Virtualization Intro.
2. The differents between VMs and Container, Container lifecycle.
3. Linux CLI、Docker CLI
4. Docker Engine playground
5. Build your first Docker image
6. How to build minimal Docker image
7. Use Docker & Qemu to emulation Raspberry Pi Raspbian

Second Day:
1. Docker Network、Docker Volume CLI
2. Single Host, Multi-Container
3. Introduction to Docker ecosystem tools
4. Docker Hub intro.
5. Git CLI, Docker Hub Auto-build image
6. Docker Compose CLI
7. Docker Compose playground and use case

Third Day:
1. Docker Machine CLI
2. Docker Machine to create cloud VM
3. Docker Swarm intro.
4. Machine and Swarm Cluster
5. Docker Swarm playground & Swarm service
6. Container based Dynamic Infrastructure platform concept
7. The future of cloud computing and cloud service scope

As we get closer to the event, we will share more information including materials on how to prepare for the training.

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