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Delivering like a Pro with Docker

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Dear Dockerizers we are proud to announce our next Meetup where you get first hand information on how to improve your Docker based continuous delivery workflow.

Event Schedule

• 18:15 - Intro and Welcome
• 18:30 -The deployment master
How to perform 0 down-time deployments using containers using the following strategies (rolling updates, Blue/Green and Canary) by Rafael Benevides, Director of Developer Experience at RedHat.
• 19:30 - Dockerized Maven
An example driven presentation on how we leverage custom Docker containers (maven, npm, oc client) to handle build dependencies on local workstations, provide clean Jenkins slaves, run tests inside orchestrated deployments or run tests inside OpenShift projects. By Matthias Bertschy from sicpa.
• ~20:15 Get together Q/A with drinks, snacks and talks about Docker, Containerization or OpenShift.
Red Hat Switzerland
Europaallee 41 · Zürich
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