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Docker Global Hack Day #8 - Remote edition

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The Docker Hack Day #8 is going Global

This Docker Hack Day #8 will be Global. This means that you can hack using Docker from anywhere and present your hack to the Docker team and community based in SF via video or Google hangout!

This page is for those who will be hacking REMOTELY or want to attend a 101 online session. If you want to come to the Docker office ( in San Francisco, please register here ( instead.

Global Docker Hack Day for those that will be hacking remotely

0. Stay connected with the Docker hackers from all around the World

The official back channel for this event on IRC is #docker (|?#docker).
During the day the Docker team ( and the Docker community will be on IRC helping you hack your project or answering questions about Docker.

The official hash tag for the event on Twitter is #dockerhackday ( Everybody will tweet using this hashtag. You can also follow us on twitter ( to receive news real-time during the day.

1. 101 online session

The remote edition will start at 10:30 am PST with a 1 hour long 101 online session. This session is not mandatory, but we encourage you to watch it if you are new to Docker. During that session, Nick Stinemates ( will be presenting:

- Docker: what and why
- Basic commands
- Demo
- Q&A

Here is the direct link to the Google Hangout in air live-streaming:

IRC back channel will also be #docker101 (|?#docker101). Use this channel to ask questions to Nick.

If you want us to cover a specific topic please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

2. Global Docker Hacking

Once the 101 online session is over, we invite everyone to start hacking on a Docker related project. Get involve through the IRC channel (#docker (|?#docker)) and ask us questions throughout the day.

3. Send us your hack

If you would like to share your hack around Docker with the rest of the community, you have two options:

• Send us a title + a link to a short video (3 minutes maximum) presenting / demoing your hack / project at Please make sure that your video is public and that we can access it.
• Send us a title + brief summary of your hack at

We will tweet your hack during the day (include your twitter handle in your email if you have one), and the best hackers will be invited to present their project to the Docker team and SF Docker hackers, through Google Hangout*.

The top 5 remote hackers will win a Docker tee-shirt, new edition!

Deadline: 5pm PST (so we can try to put a schedule together)

*We will be selecting the best hacks and will either be live streaming your video or calling you on Google Hangout and have you present your hack live as a lightning talk (starts at 6:30 pm PST).

4. Lightning talks (LIVE)

Best remote hacks and SF hacks ( will be streamed live from the Docker San Francisco office starting 6:30 pm PST. You will be able to watch the lightning talks live from this url:

This is going to be fun!
Docker Global Hack Day
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