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Happy Dog Club Group Class in Riverside

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We resisted offering a group class for the longest time, as we were never really happy with how they turned out. I looked at many models and tried many approaches. We have A LOT of clients who have been through big box store group classes and their dogs were still a nightmare because they failed to do the ONE thing you went there for in the first place. MAKE YOUR DOG MORE PLEASANT TO LIVE WITH!

Our group classes are different. You should be able to enjoy your dog! We want you to know how to handle new and unfamiliar situations your dog may get into down the line. With us, you have support for your dog for his entire life.

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* Lifetime Club Membership for the price of one class.
* Come back to any future class for more practice, for as often as you like!
* Free access to our private communities on Facebook and Google+
* Personal account on our website with access to video demos for all training exercises.
* Lifetime access to your trainer with any dog-related questions.
* The membership stays with your dog, even if he/she has to change families.

Enroll today and improve your furry family members life! You will both enjoy our weekly sessions and see your doggy have fun.

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I hope to see you there!