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Is your dog shy? Or fearful? Or reactive? Or grumpy? Or high-energy? Or just loves being with other dogs? Then this group socialization is for you! All dogs are welcome at the Doggy Social Club!

“Dogs are most joyful when they get to do the things that fulfill them.”

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The Doggy Social Club is a regular group socialization for your canine family member. Run under the skilled supervision of experienced dog trainers to ensure you get the most from each session. Enroll today and improve your furry family members life! You will both enjoy our weekly sessions and see your doggy have fun and make new friends without the risks of unsupervised dog parks and beaches.

Domestic isolation is a relatively new phenomenon and it causes many issues among dogs. i.e. reactivity—it is also unnatural. Dog socialization is more in line with a dog’s evolutionary biology. Proper socialization has many benefits, including:

* Dogs become calmer at home because they are more biologically fulfilled.
* Reduces human and dog reactivity.
* Helps with separation anxiety.
* Reduces submissive urination.
* Can reduce excessive barking.
* Reduces stress drastically, which increases life-span.
* Increases happiness. It balances the dog as it is biologically fulfilling.
* Improves obedience.
* Helps build better life skills.
* It can help dogs that fight with each other at home. They can become a team in a socialization and this can translate into the home environment.

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Course Details:
The Doggy Social Club is a membership program. For $50 per month, you can attend weekly group socialization sessions with your dog.

Each socialization is limited to about 15 dogs, so we can keep an eye on everyone for maximum fun and safety.

As membership grows, additional socializations will be added to keep group sizes in the target range.

Members can attend one class per day on every day socials are offered. Minimum of one social per week available.

Prices are per dog and every dog needs to come with their own handler. All dog handlers need to be 18 years or older and kids under 18 years of age need to be accompanied by an adult handling your dog.

You're welcome to bring your partner.

All dogs will be evaluated prior to enrollment, so we can team your buddy up in the best group. Should your dog not be ready to participate in our socials just yet—it's rare—our trainers can help you get your furry family member ready.

Each socialization runs about 30 minutes, as after that time dogs get mentally (not physically) tired and can become less tolerant of other dogs.

Group socializations are highly engaging and fun for your dog. You and your dog will love our socials!

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