What we're about

Have you always thought those dogs pulling decorated carts in the 4th of July or Halloween parades are really cool? Are you looking for an enriching, energy-using and bond-building activity to learn with your dog? This group is for anyone interested in trying recreational carting - having your dog pull a balanced cart for fun and exercise, yard/farm work, draft competitions or events like parades. This is *not* weight-pulling, mushing or joring.

There are no restrictions as to size or breed - all are welcome! The activities will be fee-based in order to pay for space rentals and instructor, as we are beginners, too, and are not qualified to teach carting. We want to build a community of dog-lovers interested in carting to learn along with us. We hope you'll join us to have fun and build a great group of carters - imagine what we'll look like in that parade!

Welcome - Doreen and Laurie

Please visit and join our associated Facebook page, Dog Carting Beginners, at https://www.facebook.com/groups/DogCartingBeginners/ (https://www.facebook.com/groups/884556121563845/)

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