What we're about

Dogs love teamwork with their owners.
You've seen those cute decorated carts pulled by dogs in parades, and events, or helping with yard or farm work, or just bringing back groceries from the store.
A fun, beginners group will meet to muddle through practice with intentions of learning dog draftwork.
We can preface our meetings with agreed upon review readings, or viewings of selected great resources on the internet.
In order to assure that everyone gets the practice attention they need, the MeetUps will be limited in numbers of teams.
For now, there will be no charges unless a MeetUp is associated with the use of a facility rental or workshop with a professional instructor.
I'm not comfortable being a dictator, so please consider making suggestions for places to meet, subject matter, etc.
Let's have fun carting our dogs! BYOB - (Bring Your Own Breed)

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