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We're similar to Boy and Girl Scouts except we earn our scout badges with our dogs. Dog Scouts of America is all about dogs learning good manners and good behaviors. We have social play get-togethers, dog walks and hikes. We encourage people to help their dogs be all they can be, and in the process we all have a lot of fun. http://dogscouts.org/base/about-us/what-we-...

Dog Scouts of America Mission: To improve the lives of dogs, their owners, and society through humane education, positive training, and community involvement.

We have two San Francisco Bay Area troop locations:

SF Bay Area Troop #198 (South Bay)

SF East Bay Troops #237 (East Bay) Metro Dog/Richmond

Also in Northern CA
Dogaholics Anonymutts DSA Troop #229 https://www.facebook.com/DSATroop229/
(Trinity, Shasta & Tehama Counties)

California Future Troops List
Santa Cruz
San Diego
(If you are interested in one of the future troop areas join this Meet-up page, e-mail us, and we'll connect you to others that want to start up a new DSA troop in your area.)

Upcoming events (4+)

SF Bay Area Troop #198 - 4th Tuesday of the month

Online event

Meeting topics to be added soon!

List of coming activities on the calendar too!

CANCELED DUE TO VIRUS: Monthly Pack Walk - Pt. Pinole Regional Park

Point Pinole Regional Shoreline

We LOVE our Pack Walks! Please note: we will do this if weather is not heavy rain. Light misting, we're still a 'go'. Fairly chilly, we're a 'go'. Please note: USE THE ATLAS ROAD ENTRANCE. Most google directions will send you to the wrong entrance, which is usually off the Giant Highway. We will gather at 9:45am at the picnic tables right next to the parking lot.
You might want to bring a water bowl for your dog. While there is water available, we are cautious regarding the spread of doggie flu and pneumonia, both of which are being seen in the Bay Area. Off leash is OK if your dog has good recall and is socially safe around other dogs.
But consider this: some dogs, maybe mine, are hugely tempted to run off and take a dip in the Bay. So, ... plan accordingly.
Questions? Let me know via the Meetup message system.

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Is your membership to Dog Scouts of America paid up? Have you been just kind of hanging around the meetup page but not attending any events or meetings? Now is the time! Membership is just $25 for the entire year! Please don't be a lurker, be a joiner! Membership info is quick and easy at dogscouts.org

Dog Scouts Training Every 2nd Sunday of the month

Calero Park

Training practice and in person testing for Cadet Teams for the Dog Scout Badge with your Scoutmaster as well as CGC evaluations.

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