Zazen Meditation and Lecture


As usual we have just over 30 minutes of zazen sitting from 13:00 (I put the start time as 12:45 as it's good for any people new to zazen to get a little bit of instruction before sitting). After that we will have an hour lecture from Gerhard Wolfram where we usually go over Buddhist philosophy based on the teachings of Master Dogen found in his text, The Shobogenzo.

It is advisable to wear loose comfortable clothing for sitting zazen.

- NOTE: Numbers from Meetup have to be limited to 15 due to space constraints and fitting in regular non-meetup members also (though we do not usually have such an amount of people signing up from Meetup, this is just in case as we have previously on unpredictable, random occasions).

It will be held at the Tokyo University Young Buddhist's Association (they have an office floor in the MUFJ building).

Here is a link to the place on Google Maps:,139.7607403,19.74z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x60188c3c9dcb5483:0x77bcecf847ce59d5!8m2!3d35.7068736!4d139.7610609?hl=en (,139.7607403,19.74z/data=%214m5%213m4%211s0x60188c3c9dcb5483:0x77bcecf847ce59d5%218m2%213d35.7068736%214d139.7610609?hl=en)

And to help even further, one of our other main teachers, Peter Rocca made a video of how to get there from the Marunouchi line.

Also, here is a nice explanatory video by the founder of our group explaining how to sit zazen: