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Social Enterprise - doing good in the community, funded by trading
SOCIAL ENTERPRISE delivers community good using funds generated from trading, rather than from grants and donations. Hosted by Grant Thornton, discuss with a panel of experienced social entrepreneurs the role and benefits of social enterprise, and how it is reshaping business today. Alfred Ngaro is a politician and the first Cook Islander elected to Parliament in New Zealand. He has received a Sir Peter Blake Emerging Leader Award for his work on the Tamaki Transformation Project as a member of Inspiring Communities. Dr Richard Norman teaches Human Resource Management and Training and Development at Victoria. He is researching the impact of digital change in the Wellington Region, and initiated an annual fund for emerging social enterprises. Bice Awan was the founding chief executive of Skylight, a charitable trust which began in 1998. It is based around social enterprise, and focuses on the impact of change, loss and grief on children, young people and their families. Refreshments will be provided from 6 pm.

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Grant Thornton House

215 Lambton Quay · Wellington, al

What we're about

This Hot Tub is dedicated to exploring how to do business better in a changing world.

We bring together managers and professionals to explore and debate 21st century directions and ideas in business, in a safe 'hot tub' like environment.

Virtual Group Business Consultants started this Hot Tub because increasingly our clients and other business leaders are realising our current business model is not working. Indeed it is partly responsible for some of the world’s major problems. Business is also however, probably the only force powerful enough to solve these problems.

Two generations ago the world of business looked like a square: mechanical, departmentalised, solid, hard, predictable, ordered, straight lines and clearly man-made. And it made sense that business models were similar. Under these conditions, managers could plan the future with reasonable certainty.

Today, the world of business is changing. It is becoming more organic, whole, fast, fluid, soft, unpredictable, fuzzy, messy, networked and connected. It has no straight lines and looks more like nature.

To be useful in this environment, business models need to change also. Today the future is largely uncertain and cannot be planned using traditional methods.

Our current business model was invented about 150 years ago and since then it has produced many material advantages including a general rise in the material standard of living for significantly more people, more consumption, more food and a far higher level of population. But maybe this materialism has been too successful. Like a runaway snowball it is feeding on itself and getting out of control.

If you think business can be more humane and better for staff, customers and the planet come and join us.

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