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Baby changing tables in men’s room challenge

Goal for 2020: Fund raise and install (10) baby changing tables for men’s public restrooms in and around Columbus, OH area

Help us make our goal in any/all of these ways:

1. Do you know of a business that currently offers baby changing tables for the women’s restroom and would be open to adding one in the men’s restroom but maybe can’t afford one? Anywhere that you frequent often and wish that they had one? Send us your tips!

2. Convince your local business to set out a fundraising jar, taking spare change or tips toward their goal.

Consider suggesting at the end of a transaction employees ask, “Would you like to donate a dollar for dads?” Ask the business to match proceeds collected by the patrons. You may be surprised how fast they accumulate! All that’s needed for the basic model shown in our group photo is $350, half of that is only $175, folks!!!

3. Lastly, once funds have been raised notify our group via direct message or comments and we’ll send out someone to install free of charge with the help of local volunteers!

Keep everyone updated in the comments how progress is going! be the change we want to see in the world!!


Dollars for Changes-Columbus Baby changing tables in men’s room challenge

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