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This is a group for people interested in becoming wealthy and more successful. Making a lot of money and spending less than you make might be the key to becoming rich. But does being monetarily rich mean you're truly wealthy and successful? At Dollars & Sense we believe being wealthy and successful means much more than just having a lot of money. It means accumulating an abundance of money while also maintaining a secure, happy, well balanced life that's based on your values and life goals. Health, Spirituality, Family, Relationships, Career and Money are all part of a well balanced wealthy lifestyle. Besides what's the point of being rich if your health is deteriorating rapidly? If you're spiritually depressed? If your family is broken? If you don't have someone who cares about you? If you hate going to your job every day? Moderated by an experienced Certified Financial Planner and Motivational Speaker, this group functions as a place for enthusiastic and supportive discussion on financial and life goals. Together we can grow more successful, confident, and truly wealthy.

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