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Most events are either held in Baldwin Park @ The Blackstone Owl or K-Town @ Turn Zero Games

This is a fun group of friendly people looking for other people who share similar interests. Come by and say hi! Don't forget to RSVP!!!

Upcoming events (5)

Pokemon Standard Tournament $5

The Blackstone Owl

Please RSVP!! All levels of play are welcome. Come join us for our weekly tournament. Promo cards are available to all participants. This tournament is a swiss format to encourage play testing. See you at Worlds!

Magic: The Gathering Modern $5

The Blackstone Owl

PLEASE RSVP Bring your modern deck! Every Thursday at 7:30 PM we will be running a swiss style tournament with store credit as prize. Prizes depend on attendance. Entry is $5 Come jam some games with us. Open late.

Weiss Schwarz Tournament $5, cash prizes!

The Blackstone Owl

PLEASE RSVP! $5 Entry ($4 goes to the prize pool) Swiss Mixed format (JP+ENG). However, you must follow the current banlist from your last set of support Everyone gets a promo from both English and Japanese. This includes any extra goodies we get from Bushiroad.

Warhammer 40K / RPG Miniatures Paint Day

The Blackstone Owl

PLEASE RSVP! FREE Come join us. We are a new group of enthusiasts looking for others to paint, build and play 40K. Come out and use the shop's beautiful new terrain. We will be there all day.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament $5

The Blackstone Owl

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