Monthly Meetup - May 2017

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Voetiusstraat 2, Utrecht · Utrecht

How to find us

If you're coming by OV, Inspire is <15 walk from the Centraal Station or you can catch one of the many buses in the area. If you're coming by car, Inspire recommends the Parkeergarage Springweg, located at Strosteeg 83.

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“This is DomCode meetup. There is a talk. We have food and drinks. You should come.”

Geez, bad documentation can be boring to read and write! I mean, having that recorded knowledge is useful but it’s so awful to do. But...what if it wasn’t?

This month, coder/speaker/writer/trainer/gentleman extraordinaire Matthias Noback ( will introduce us to the Principles of Living Documentation, a way to build documents that grows with you (and your codebase).

With food and drinks at the marvellously located Inspire ( office, it’s time to get out in the spring weather, make some new friends and who knows...maybe even write some docs?

19:00 - Doors open, food and drinks
19:30 - Welcome
19:35 - Main Talk: Living Documentation
20:30 - Raffle & News
20:35 - Social!

Main Talk: Living Documentation
“Documentation”, a word that makes developers yawn. It’s what you write because you have to. Documentation is a failure by definition. You know it, it’s true. Writing it is going to be a tiresome, mindnumbing exercise. Documentation is going to be incomplete, outdated, unreliable and soon to be abandoned anyway. Why would you ever start working on it in the first place?

That’s why we were happy when we discovered the Agile Manifesto, which says: “Working software over comprehensive documentation” That’s a good reason to drop all our documentation efforts, right? Well, no. We shouldn’t quit writing docs. We should simply prevent documentation from being an impediment to other prominent Agile values, like “Responding to change”.

In this talk, I’ll cover the Principles of Living Documentation. I’ll show you many ways to make your documentation activities effortless and more fun. Your docs will never be outdated anymore, everything will be version-controlled, automatically built and ready to share with anyone who’s interested. Any day, any time.

Speaker: Matthias Noback
Matthias Noback has been building web application since 2003. He is the author of Principles of Package Design ( and Microservices for everyone ( He is a regular speaker ( at conferences. While always striving for better programming practices in general, he’s taken a special interest in application architecture, Domain-Driven Design, testing, microservices and application integration patterns.